Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dance Recitals... Oh the things we do for our kids...

 So with the approaching dance recital for Miss Alora-Sara I remind myself "Oh I love her happy tapping feet big smile and cute little tutu self dancing on stage!" Then I think as I am sitting here waiting to go to my "appointed" time for tickets "WTH WAS I THINKING?" I love Miss Alora-Sara with all my heart and would do ANYTHING for my kids, but this is asking A LOT of parents of a 3 year old. This is her 2nd year dancing and even at 2 she LOVED it. She got on that stage with her 19lbs (yes she is tiny) and danced around did every move to "Ain't no body here but us Chickens" bowed sashayed off stage came out again at then end danced in the finally with all 100plus students and ended everything with a big kiss to the audience a wave to Mommy and Daddy and of course all three Grandmothers at the age of 2.  Now I am not going to be one of those Moms who say "Oh she will be a star" of course not you crazy ladies SHE IS 2! How could anyone possibly know that!? But I will say this dance brings her much joy and BIG smiles.
Now to the bad part. We have ticket day, costume day, picture day, rehearsal day and recital day. All of which are on a timed schedule and a strict Mommy or Daddy ONLY events. I work full time my husband well he has probably delivered your mail at some point because we never know what town he is in, how am I suppose to make all this work? All this stress over the Mom and Dad no wonder we have grays! SHE IS ONLY 3! But alas we do it we make it threw and it brings me back to we will do ANYTHING for our children. To see our children happy and do something that makes them smile (even if they will NEVER remember it) is what makes us wonderful parents. Yes I break the bank paying for dance all year. Yes I get stressed out. Yes I worry if she will cry on stage. But honestly that is the LEAST of my worries.
So all in all I will wake up and get moving on all these designated timed days do what I need to do and smile while I do it all. Because in the end, watching her put on that chicken costume last year and pointing her little size 5 foot like a little ballerina I can't help but dream she is the next Swan Princess...

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

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myevil3yearold said...

Adorable. I hear ya mommy. I have paid buttloads of cash for 4 years to have an 8 year old black blet. But, he has more self confidence so it was worth ever dime.

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