Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two 3 year olds... UGH that is annoying! SHUT IT OFF!

I am sitting here on my LT about to write a blog but what to write about? OH RIGHT ALORA AND BEAN BEING LOUD! Well not just loud but their average day I would like to write about. You see I have been called lazy and pathetic and all this stuff because I don't work a "real" job and I am not on my feet all day! REALLY!? Are you on crack!? I have at any given time 2-5 children ALL day. Yes I chose to be a Nanny yes I chose to be a Mom and you are telling me I am lazy? Really let's take a walk in a typical Denise day.
6:55am. Get up shower (usually alone but sometimes the baby showers with me) get dressed, get Alora dressed pack up for work and head out by 7:25am.
7:30  Driving to work Alora starts crying she wants to watch Harry Potter. Sorry kid but we watch Harry Potter 4736529 times in the car in the past week I want the radio to hear the weather. Arrive at DD's for some coffee and Alora's peanut butter bagel.
8:00am Arrive at work to 2 girls not dressed yet not fed yet usually vegging on the sofa no big deal. Talk to mom she is gone by 8:10 at the latest I find both girls clothes, shoes, back packs feed them breakfast, brush their hair, find coats and have them loaded up in the car (all 3 girls now mind you) by 8:42am to make it to the bus stop by 8:45am bus comes.
Driving again with the babies have to be at school soon rush there.
9:00am drop the babies off for two hours of preschool.
In those two hours I run errands shopping bills bank anything.
11:30am Pick the babies up.
12:00pm get home start lunch that takes some times while the girls are running around lunch is made as they are screaming that is not what they want for lunch that I am a bad Mommy etc. Typical food day.
12:15pm they are done eating because god forbid I have time to pee. They start playing which I play with them. Anything from tea party to barbies to painting.
1-1:25pm they being 3 are exhausted! So I lay them on the sofa and give them a movie. I finally get to pee and catch up on FB and my blog. OH LOOK one has to poop... Wipe her butt get her back on the sofa. Oh the other wants popcorn go make that. Oh you have to pee now go do that. Oh the movie is skipping ok I will fix that.
Oh look it is 2:30om the second oldest boy gets off the bus with an hour of homework that he always cries over so I am sitting there while the other two babies are ripping apart the house. Do homework.
Oh crap it is 2:50 stop your home work girls get in the car! Where are your sock and shoes? Girls let's go! No boy there is no toys in the car right now. No just leave your home work. GOD GUYS WE ARE LATE GET YOUR BUTTS IN THE CAR!
3:00pm thank god Lay's school is two streets over we made it get her pick her up and head back home where there is more home work.
Girls go off house is crazy again
3:45pm FINALLY done with home work. Time to clean up. We all pitch in turn on the music dance and clean up do the dishwasher the laundry clean the play rooms get babies to go potty set up a quiet activity and oh look! It is now...
5pm. Their dad gets home I leave with my daughter get home by...
5:45 Louise needs to go out Robert is excited I am home already has his home work done I start dinner.
6:30 dinner is usually done Kieren (amazing mail man husband) gets the kids up and fed and then after dinner it is bath story and such.
7:30 Alora's bed time . read books tuck her in fight with her EVERY night since she is hating to sleep right now she finally passes out at 8:15ish
8:30 starting again Robert goes to bed argues for an hour constantly coming into our room he forgot this he didn't say this OH one more thing!
9:30pm OH LOOK HUSBAND THERE YOU ARE!? I love you...
Finally time to my self... And you call me lazy?!
Anyone who has never been a mom doesn't know half the crap we go threw every day! We wouldn't change a thing and hardly ever complain (we all complain at some point.) These perfect little Mommie's who say it isn't hard and we love to experience every moment and everything is perfect. HA KISS MY FAT MOMMY BUTT! You get peed on like us by the babies, you get screamed at when lunch isn't right, you get home work, mcas, ballet, karate and CRAZINESS, just like me... Stop pretending we don't have the hardest job out there. Just because I don't stalk shelves or put files away doesn't mean I am not exhausted. Try my job!

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


DP said...

Being a stay at home mom is HARD. I think people sometimes forget that sometimes. I love the break down that you have in this post. You also have a great blog.

I'm following back :-)
Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies

Sandra said...

I totally complain, but it is the hardest job!

Brandi. said...

Being a mom is definitely a tough job! The hardest one I've ever had!!

I have 3 of my own, and watch my 2 year old nephew as well. And yes, my husband has tried to tell me I do nothing all day.

It is true that he often comes home to a dirty house, dishes in the sink, clean laundry piled up on the floor, but that's life. My kids are happy, they are fed, they are taken care of...

I've given up on being Super Mom!

Love your blog!!

Lexie Lane said...

Wow, I can't believe you broke it down!!!

Unless you have children, you really can't understand how an entire day can just fly!

Thanks for sharing this!

Following you here from Bloggy Moms.

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Have a lovely week!

Take Care,

Lexie Lane

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One Practical Woman said...

That sounds like me when I'm trying to get the kids in the car. We usually start with LOTS of time but after getting the kids to pee and get shoes on, jackets on, and lunch bags, etc collected we JUST get to where we need to be on time. Frustrating! Getting them into the car on time almost always involves me yelling and threats to take away toys or allowance.
What a HECTIC day these little ones can cause us.
Glad you tell it like it is, that's the way I like it because it's REAL.

Denise McD said...

Everyone your comments are so awesome :) Thanks so much :) I was so frustrated with the friend that had no kids who has this perfect single life always saying I shouldn't be tired... So i sat down and broke it all down... Needless to say it shut her up pretty quick actually so fast she won't talk to me HA who cares :) I like my life without her lol... But in all seriousness it is hard and tiring and we do it and we love it and yea we scream and yell and cry but that is what makes it beautiful its life and its amazing (ew another ass to wipe)

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