Monday, April 25, 2011

Cowboys and Crowns Love's my Louise Too

 I received a portrait of Louise from Cowboys and Crowns and can I just say it is the CUTEST thing ever!
She emailed me as she was about to sit down and do her portrait and said she forgot to ask what colors I wanted the back round? I said well SURPRISE ME! And Boy is it perfect! It is a multi green back round which looks just so adorable with her sad brown eyes and big black nose! Her ears are nice and big in the picture and she even got the little freckles on the nose! Louise's eyes there is no denying are the saddest things ever and boy did she nail them! Oh we all know Miss Louise is the happiest most spoiled puppy in the world so I am sure her eyes are just deceiving us!
Her portrait and shipping was amazingly fast considering she had to get a picture copy and make her masterpiece! It came wrapped up nice in a water prof envelope labeled do not bend and then wrapped in tissue to make sure it is extra safe! Her shipping from finish to USPS (thank you again for my mail man's work) to the other side of the country was very reasonable!
She does not only do portraits but also does tutu's, hair accessories, custom mobiles and handmade cards! She is a VERY talented person!
Her name is Sunny and I must say her attitude matches her name! She is SO nice and kept me updated on all she was doing as well as checked in on Louise asking how she was. She was open and honest about how long it would take to make a custom portrait right from the beginning and gave me details on all she had to. I give her 5 out of 5 stars! She is a must try!
As always if you CLICK the title of this post it will bring you right to her facebook page and you can shop around! Tell her Momm2Nanny3Doggy1 sent you :)!/CowboysAndCrowns?sk=photos

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

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