Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Purrs~n~Grrs and their amazing Doggy Toys

Miss Louise is afraid of EVERYTHING.  Squeaky toys, stuffed toys, Dunkin coffee cups you name it she runs and hides! No idea why?

I entered Miss Louise into a cutest pet contest. Of course with her big ears and droopy eyes she stole the show over at Purrs~n~Grrs!/PurrsNGrrrs?sk=wall we were so proud of her! She won a custom portrait from Cowboys and Crowns  (which you can find another review over here on my blog) and a gift from Purrs~n~Grrs. I emailed her and told her 1. I was so happy and blessed to have Louise win and 2. She is afraid of everything! She emailed me back within minuets and said NO PROBLEM! She made Louise an ADORABLE "braided Grr"!/media/set/fbx/?set=a.138723082858190.28018.138678239529341. I was like well let's see how Miss Louise handles this and if she would actually play with it.
We got it a few days later and I opened the package. Louise came running over as she always does to see what Mommy got in the mail. I said "Weezer this is for you!" she took it and started playing like crazy. Flipping it in the air jumping with her stubby legs (which is Hilarius in its self) and Alora came over grabbed the other end and the giggles and grrrs started! Louise was dragging her human sister all around the basement with giggles from Alora. Louise then let Alora pull her all around they played for a good 30 mins till Alora gave up. Louise however did not stop!
This is a BIG thing for a lazy Basset. She plays for 20 mins and then passes out. Pretty pathetic I know. But she played chewed and had a ball all by herself!
The Grrs are so durable but so soft for playing with human Brothers and Sisters (and of course Mommy and Daddy too.)
Her Customer service is wonderful! Staying in touch threw the whole transaction and asked how she liked it when she knew she was playing.
I give Purrs~n~Grrs a thumbs up high five!
Check her out and let her know Mommy2Nanny3Doggy1 sent you over :) thanks everyone!
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


wildncrazy_gurl said...

I love this review!! Thanks so much hun! :) (Purrs~N~Grrrs)

Lorrie said...

Great Story...I look forward to getting Gracie's Grr!! I know she will love it.

Katie said...

She is adorable, I am your newest follower

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