Sunday, May 15, 2011


As we all know by now Kieren and I live in the basement of our amazing home. I love it! Big space, privacy from the rest of the house and let's face it we can have all the hanky panky we want and no one can hear it, OH WAIT haha no I think we tend to wake the MIL a lot :) it is life. 
Anyway I got off subject a lot. Because we live in a basement in Mass it tends to get wet. No biggy we have a french drain and a dehumidifier so we are pretty good. HOWEVER the carpet that was down was OLD had been flooded and had a basset hound try and potty train. IT SMELLED! Not every day but every time it rained and snowed (that is a lot in Boston) it smelled so bad of musk pee and you name it. Hey I was embarrassed at first but come on IT IS LIFE. It isn't like I was walking around smelling of pee it isn't THAT bad.
Anyway we got a new carpet! I am so excited! We had a big name company come and do it and can I just say they were AMAZING. We had a break out in the house (which once I get over the shock of it I will blog about that to) so we have been overwhelmed and the basement was not cleaned out like it should have been. Well the very nice WICKED HOT carpet guy showed up. Of course my MIL and I were in tickles over his cuteness, and my husband went CRAZY packing up the baby's room with all our useless crap muddling under his breath that MIL and I are crazy.
After the giggles and the wanting to scream "YOUR HOT!" I started apologizing for the basement that we were rushing to pack it up and we have been sick. He patiently waited and his crew showed up. Now I am thinking because this is a big chain carpet people they wouldn't be so awesome. No they were amazing! He waited for his crew they came (all of which were HOT) and they went to work. We didn't have to move once piece of furniture, they kept our fridge hooked up the entire time, they let us come in and out to inspect the carpet and most importantly they explained every process! They were so amazingly nice! AND HOT.
Anyway that was all off subject. So our old carpet like I said was nasty. Now with my new red gleaming carpet I find myself in the last 14 hours screaming at the world to take off their shoes. Then the worst thing happened in ALL of the world (see you keep reading and it gets good) Louise not even 10 hours after installation looked and SCOOTED ON MY NEW CARPET! I never yell at my cute dog and I screamed! "LOUISE GET YOUR A** OFF MY CARPET YOU DIRTY H*E!" Yea pretty bad.
So what am I getting to here? Well I am so grateful for our new carpet. However do I honestly think that with two kids, a dog, a husband, friends and a cat that this carpet will be perfect forever? No but again that is life! I will enjoy this amazing clean smelling and looking carpet (and the dreams of the sexy carpet boys) for as long as I can. I shall vacuum 4385760 times a day and squish my toes in it. But lets face it after a couple years, I am sure the kids will be back to dirty feet! However I hope the smell stays away!
Oh and this picture not of the new carpet (still organizing) but of Miss Louise who was pretty pissed she couldn't go inside and sleep all day on the bed.

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


myevil3yearold said...

I got cream colored carpet once several years ago It is now a dirty grey. :(

Denise McD said...

Well that is because you got CREAM what were you thinking LMAO jk jk we got a nice red!

Lyda Tavorn said...

Haha, it's understandable to keep those shoes away from the new carpet. Keeping it clean will help it stay nice and pretty for a long time. Well, whenever there's a stain, always check up on which material is best to deal with the mess. Doing that can help you protect your carpet.

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