Tuesday, October 4, 2011


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Ahhh Children Are So Honest!

There is always that one time when you might be in the store and there is a old person and your child has to point them out and say "oh my gosh that person is so old!" yea totally embarrassing! So I want to let you in on some funny, witty, honest comments I have been told this last week. Oh and look it's only Tuesday!

"Mama why is your hair black and purple?". "Well alora I love to dye my hair fun colors." "Well mama then if you want it like that maybe you should cover ups your silvery hairs."

"Denise why is there a hole in your pants? Is it because your legs are fat?"

"Denise I went to school today. I told them everyone farts even my babysitter."

And the Best I saved for last...
"Mommy your boobs are so large. Do they hurt when you let them hang down on your belly?"

:) anything good your kids say this week?

Denise McDonuts... Or Simply The Master Mind

Monday, October 3, 2011

Not Interesting But Here Is 20 About Me...

I am on a "Number List" Kick so here we go 20 things you didn't know about me!

1. I get sick just thinking that I am going to be 30 in 7 months. I know I know 30 is the new 20 bla bla 30s is awesome. Well that is all fine and dandy but thinking I am going to be 30 is really upsetting to me! How am I going to feel about 40?!

2. I am secretly in love with wrestling. Yes ok everyone know I love wrestling but this goes beyond that. I dream of wrestling and get way to excited when things like PPV come on!

3. I truly believe 110% that spirits/ghost live among us. I also believe I have experienced a few.

4. I saved a woman's life when she went into cardiac arrest, she had one lung.

5. I have two cats 2 guinea pigs and a dog.

6. I wear a size 11 shoe! YUP that big.

7. I hate when I can't think of anything to blog about or write about it drives me completely insane! Maybe that is why I set this post up!?

8. My mailman is my best friend in the entire world and I love him with my whole heart, but we fight more then John Cena and C.M.Punk.

9. My dream job would be the Fairy Godmother at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

10. Doesn't matter where I am, who I am with, or what I am doing if I feel like singing and dancing I will totally do it and not care what people think!

11. I am from a small town south of Boston and I am a Masshole, extreme Masshole.

12. My Favorite color is hot pink but I wear mostly black and purple.

13. Sending my kids to school every day makes me so sad and I wish I could be with them every min of every day.

14. I am my Daddy's only child.

15. I love love love love naps and think they should be done EVERY DAY!

16. I get physically sick when the mailman cuts his toe nails and I throw up every time.

17. I am in love with the winter. You give me 30 below and I am in heaven! I love the way it smells, feels, looks everything!

18. I knew what my daughters name was going to be since I was 4 years old (1986) and my son I had no idea till he was 4 days over due lol

19. My bedroom looks more like a college boys dorm room with the Irish flag and plain light wood furniture!

20. I am missing just above 25% of my skull.

So there is some weird random facts about my life :)

Can you share at least one random fact about you?

Denise McDonuts... Or Simply The Master Mind

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October 1st! Bet You Didn't Know....

1. Welsh and Celtic traditions believe the dead visit the living on Halloween. They would wear masks so the spirits of the dead would not recognize them.

2. Carved pumpkins as they are known today, originated in Ireland where people put candles in hollowed-out turnips to keep away evil spirits on the Samhain holiday

3. Halloween is the 2nd most commercially successful holiday in America, Christmas being the first.

4. Legends say that bobbing for apples may have originated from a roman harvest festival that honors Pamona.

5. Holloween was referred to as All Hallows Eve and dates back to over 2000 years ago as a traditional pagan celebration

6. 1810.5 lbs is the weight of the pumpkin that holds the worlds record as of 2011.

7. More than 93 percent of children go trick-or-treating each year.

8. Magician Harry Houdini died in Detroit from a ruptured appendix on Halloween in 1926.

9. There are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with orange.

10. Halloween is the biggest holiday to all of those at Hogwarts.

Bet you didn't know most of not all of these :)

Denise McDonuts... Or Simply The Master Mind
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