Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friends Come and Go...

 I have had the same best friend since 1987. Her name is Liz and there is a special place in our hearts for each other. We spoil each others children, take care of each other in good times and bad, and will be together till death do us part (crap I should really remind myself she isn't my husband? NAH it's ok) When she lived 927 miles away we still talked every day visited when we could afford and never missed a "It's ok I love you." in hard times.
We met in Kindergarten she had some weird dress on and made fun of my pink spider back pack. I had my hair in pig tails, black shoes my aunt was mad I scuffed and of course my pink spider back pack. I didn't like her so much then again at the age of 5 you don't like anything unless its pink and covered in candy. Well I don't remember if it was the first day of school or weeks into school but I saw her under the craft table. I walked over and there she was being weird (I will not say what she was doing in fear she will kick my butt) but I told her I would be her friend if she stopped. She never did, but alas our best friendship grew from that day on.
I have had many friends come and go into and out of my life. Some have stayed like Evan and Abbie, some turn crazy and I realize I need to forget them. Those fun times in my life I will never forget however sometimes you have to remind yourself no matter how big your heart is letting go is the best for your life.
I am such a easy person to walk on. I help everyone, take care of everyone in any situation, and am always USED. I am learning in my life that I need to not be taken advantage of. My true friends know 1. I have a family I may not always be able to blab on the phone and waist my day texting 2. I suffer from sever depression most days I can't leave my house it physically hurts me to leave, I don't know why Doctors don't have an answer and it just is and 3. Sometimes you EXHAUST me. Friendship isn't about being worried if you don't text right away they might flip, or lose sleep over thinking what they might post on your FB wall because they are mad you didn't want cheese you wanted candy.
Liz and I have been best friends and worst enemies. We love each other for who we are not what we do or the problems we have. We have never stayed mad long and have always come back to each other. THAT my friends is TRUE friend ship. Never having to work for it, it is just always there.
Life is to short. Family is to precious. True friends are worth the heart.
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

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