Monday, April 25, 2011

Cowboys and Crowns Love's my Louise Too

 I received a portrait of Louise from Cowboys and Crowns and can I just say it is the CUTEST thing ever!
She emailed me as she was about to sit down and do her portrait and said she forgot to ask what colors I wanted the back round? I said well SURPRISE ME! And Boy is it perfect! It is a multi green back round which looks just so adorable with her sad brown eyes and big black nose! Her ears are nice and big in the picture and she even got the little freckles on the nose! Louise's eyes there is no denying are the saddest things ever and boy did she nail them! Oh we all know Miss Louise is the happiest most spoiled puppy in the world so I am sure her eyes are just deceiving us!
Her portrait and shipping was amazingly fast considering she had to get a picture copy and make her masterpiece! It came wrapped up nice in a water prof envelope labeled do not bend and then wrapped in tissue to make sure it is extra safe! Her shipping from finish to USPS (thank you again for my mail man's work) to the other side of the country was very reasonable!
She does not only do portraits but also does tutu's, hair accessories, custom mobiles and handmade cards! She is a VERY talented person!
Her name is Sunny and I must say her attitude matches her name! She is SO nice and kept me updated on all she was doing as well as checked in on Louise asking how she was. She was open and honest about how long it would take to make a custom portrait right from the beginning and gave me details on all she had to. I give her 5 out of 5 stars! She is a must try!
As always if you CLICK the title of this post it will bring you right to her facebook page and you can shop around! Tell her Momm2Nanny3Doggy1 sent you :)!/CowboysAndCrowns?sk=photos

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Easter Was Fun...

For all of you Mommies out there how was your Easter? I just want to say Happy Whatever you celebrate and Bless you all... Our Easter was wonderful we had Easter Dinner at my Mom's on Saturday afternoon... Well evening because she forgot to put the ham in... Then Easter morning we woke up the Easter Bunny came (thank god it wasn't harry Potter this year) and then my amazing Husband let me go back to bed where I slept till the afternoon. He is Amazing <3 then I headed out to my best friend Kristen's house and spent some time with her family with my kids... It was a perfect non stressful day! Does anyone with kids stress over holiday's? We have to go here and there and everywhere? 
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mommies With Tattoos... OMG NO WAY!?

I work in a very stuck up snobby town south of Boston.  I have anywhere from 1-5 children with me at all times while in this town. I work for a dentist and a lawyer. I am tattooed on every limb of my body. I have a phrase going down my entire left arm, the start of a sleeve on my right arm, one on each wrist, one on my thigh, one on each ankle and one on my back. All my tattoos have meanings and I think are all beautiful. I am a 28 year old young mother and a great nanny. I hug my children and theirs I play at the park and watch them play piano guitar and flute. I never miss a concert play or special day. I drive a mini van (sometimes a little to fast.) I walk dogs. I feed breakfast lunch and dinner. I am a mommy and a nanny. I take pride in raising these children as they are ALL unique, caring, loving and well behaved.
Does my tattoos bother you THAT MUCH? YUP you should see some of the looks and under breaths I get. I was bringing two kids to Sailing class last summer when a little girl pointed to me and said "Mommy look at all her stamps!" Her mother scooped her up and said "Don't look at that sinner!" Really?!
We live in a time where uniqueness is embraced by the majority of people. Where I am considered to have "body art" where a woman's choice is still a woman's choice where same sex marriage is FINALLY excepted, and where people of all faiths colors and life have a VOICE.
I don't agree with a lot of things people say or do. I may or may not agree with what I just stated. But I will never ever judge people on their choice in life. God gave us a brain which controls our emotions, thinking and runs our entire system.
Raising a child in a sheltered home will only make it worse in the long run for the majority of them. Statistics have proved this. And I can list pages and pages off the internet which also proves this. But why would you want to do that to your child? Why would you want to fill them with hate? Without understanding of the "real" world? Without excepting and loving everyone's uniqueness?  It is our job as parents to raise respectful caring loving children. Don't judge a book by it's cover.....
By the way I once died my hair GREEN for Harry Potter! OMG

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweetie Pie Couture and her AMAZING bows...

I am in LOVE with Sweetie Pie Couture. She is by far my favorite bows I have received  in the past few weeks. She has the most wonderful attitude with her customers, and I can picture her smiling behind the computer screen. She does amazing work as well. I love big bows always have and when I heard I was having a little girl the first thing I thought was "OH how will I torture her with bows?"  (mean mommy thoughts lol) Miss Alora was born hairless and had NO HAIR practically till about 3 years old. Well in the last year her hair has gone half way down her back well IT IS BOW TIME!!! I was so excited to have received a gift certificate and I quickly messaged her I wanted her Cowboys Bow and Red Sox bows SOOOOOO bad. I ended up getting them and a "Lil Sis" and "Country Girl" bow. I knew the Sox and Cowboy ones would be big as I asked her to make the biggest she could, but when I got them BOY were they HUGE my dream of torture had come true lol. Needless to say it isn't torture at all for my little prim and proper bow loving fancy 3 year old :) She wanted to wear her Red Sox one right away.

Alora-Sara has very fine hair so I was a bit worried on how well it would hold in her hair. So I pulled it back in a half pony and clipped in the bow. It held amazingly well! She pranced around the house with everyone telling her how beautiful they were! Next up she wanted to wear her "Country Girl" bow (pictured below) this one is not as large at the Cowboy and Red Sox ones but beautiful just the same. She wore it all day at breakfast with her Kristen and in the mall. Many complements were give to her and her bow and of course she giggled and smiled at everyone who told her she was beautiful.

The colors are AWESOME right on with the Sox and Cowboy bows. The other two I got same with colors they all flow nicely and there are many outfit options for them. They stay nice and tight in her thin hair and she is in love with them.
I love her work so much I just recently ordered a pair of her bow flip flops in Red Sox of course and can not wait to see a picture of them!
Her turn around time for making and shipping is very reasonable and her thank you's and enjoys are never ending. She can make almost anything you ask for but of course I recommend the Red Sox ones :)

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

My Blog and Following...

So my friends I wanted everyone to know that I am going to do a big give away eventually when I reach 100 followers and over 1000 comments on posts... I value your opinions and good or bad please post what you think. This blog I want to be very open honest and exciting. So please post the truth as I have. 1000 comments and 100 followers should come pretty fast I hope :) So tell all your friends family and everything else. And start commenting ;) 

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harry Potter and My 3 year old... Oh read before you judge people...

I am here thinking tomorrow I shall recieve my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 via UPS to my bosses home (because lets face it my boss is amazing and bought it for me) and I am completly and utterly excited to snuggle up later tomorrow and watch it with my kids. I have been critisized SOOO much for this. Yes I let my 3 year old watch death and dispear on the big screen. Now before you judge my parenting skills lets talk about WHY I let her watch Harry Potter.
Two years ago preparing for Harry Potter 6 midnight premier my son and I were watching all 5 previous movies. Alora at the time was just under 2. She walked into the basement and looked at the tv and sat down and instantly started watching. I thought "hmm she is a bit to young for this but then again she has never been afraid of anything and honestly what will she understand from this?" Well she watched Harry ALL day with us. The next day in her half gibberish half English (mind you she was 2) told everyone about "Hawwy Pooter love me I love him." over the next few months her life became Harry Potter. Posters she cried for to hang in her room. 6 months later was Christmas she was sooo scared all of a sudden of Santa. Well she cried and cried that Harry was magic and HE was coming to our house with the gifts. Ok well we gave in and Harry came that Christmas. She is STILL in love with Harry and watches it all the time. Well this last movie if you have seen it is very graphic lots of death and lots of unhappy things. Everyone told me I should not let her see it and I sort of agreed. I brought my son to the midnight premier as I always have and he was even a bit uneasy about it but as he explained it to me "I love it mom its my passion" and I realized its Alora's passion as well. I decided to bring her to the movies the following Monday in the middle of the day when I knew not many people would be there and I could talk her threw the movie and all the scary parts. Well my 3 year old sat threw the entire movie telling ME what was going to happen.
I know this movie is rated PG-13 but when you have a 3 year old who is soooo passionate about something who knows the ins and outs of this thing how can you not give her that little bit of happiness. Yes most of you disagree till you are blue in the face that I should not let her see it but come on. I am her mom and I think she can deal and I was right.
Now this is my opinion coming next but I think parents these days shelter their children WAY to much. They hide them from every day sadness so they don't have to face reality. Yes I believe in sheltering my children from horrible things however my 3 year old has to look and see her brother on his bad days. How am I going to cover up those fits? I can't.
I don't think I should bring my kids to a funeral and say see this is what happens in life. No I am not that bad. But why do parents shelter their children way to much these days? I am not bringing my children to rated R movies or letting them watch naked people on tv. But I will never deny my children something they are so passionate about.
Alora Loves skulls dresses and Harry Potter. Robert loves bones, history and presidents. Why would I not follow their love and dreams?
Next time you want to hide something from their children remember they know you are hiding something. They feel your sadness and your worries. Do you really want them to be sick over thinking about you? That I would never want my children to worry about. Ok my rant is over :)

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parents who can't function? PLEASE

Mommies, it is OK to let your kids eat cereal for dinner. It is ok to spend a day in front of the tv with NO WHERE to go and NOTHING to do. It is ok to stay in your pjs on a Sunday read a book while your kids play by themselves in their rooms or in the play room.
Lets face it all you moms out there who CLAIM they never take their eyes off their kids and they can't shower and they can't eat and they can't even poop (mind you the usually only have one kid) doesn't realize, OMG CRAPS GOING TO HAPPEN. I never missed a day of showering because I was to wrapped up in my kids. PALEASE put your 1 month old down in his/her crib if he/she screams oh well he isn't hungry, hurt, dirty or sad, he is a baby babies cry. Ok so what about the 10month old learning to walk putting everything in their mouth. Ok what do they make play pens for? To look good? NO again nothing wrong with putting your kid infront of a tv playing bubble guppies with a few toys in a play pen. OK OK the 3 year old who still likes to eat the dog food? 1. the dog food won't kill her and 2. bring her in the bathroom sit her on the floor give her a ice cream cone or toy and shower. Stop making excuses. I have 5 kids all day long and I still have time to eat drink and be merry.
On to the next thing Mom's can't function food Shopping. Ok this REALLY bothers me. First of all I have never given these children and option I get dressed every day these kids get dressed every day and they go with me EVERYWHERE they have learned crying gets them nothing. Put them in a buggy strap them in and go get your chicken for tonight's dinner. They scream ignore it. You get dirty looks WHO CARES like their "perfect" children never did it before. Please stop complaining life is SOOOO hard to function when you have kids. Maybe you should have thought about it all before hand.
All these amazing moms I know and follow on facebook from the crafters to the home sellers to the self help groups they all do these amazing things while raising their children and they NEVER complain it is to hard.
It just really bugs me I have a special 11 year old a 9 year old a 6 year old and two 3 year olds and sorry that's my way of life I think after 11 years I am doing very well...

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tail Waggin Barkery... A #1 hit with Louise!

 So it is no question I love Louise probably more then most people I know :) So it comes as no surprise to anyone that I give her birthday cakes home made cookies and anything else I can find her special. I came across Tail Waggin Barkery when I was entering another give away... It is very hard to find home made dog things on facebook and even harder to find people who review and tell the truth about their stuff.... I asked her after I got some of the Doggy Brownies if I could write a review here on my new blog she was very nice and said yes :) So I was excited! So for all you animal owners here you are...

Louise is a VERY picky Basset hound. She will not eat any food but Benaful and will not eat any of them but a certain shiny coat one... She REFUSES to eat any sort of bone or treat if it is hard even the slightest... She basically sticks to bacon strips and half cooked peanut butter dog cookies (I can only cook half way because if they are two hard she will NOT eat them.) So when i saw the picture of the brownies on her page I thought hmmmm I wonder.... 1. Are they hard? and 2. Will Louise even look at them? Well why not give it a shot...

I got her brownies in about a week after ordering. She was VERY nice to work with and gave me instruction on how they are fine to travel just refrigerate asap... OH NO there is problem one! Louise she doesn't eat anything that is in the fridge because well it gets a little hard and cold. Ok well alright we shall see... So i listened of course :) we got the brownies and put them in the fridge... I forgot about them until that night (not that she would have got one before dinner any way) But I opened the package and WOW they smelled SOOOOOOOO good I think even a human would want them!!!! The frosting was still moist even after traveling and the brownies just as moist! And yes they are frosted brownies :) I gave one to Louise kind of worried she would sniff and walk away... She sniffed and sniffed then licked... Then DEVOURED! it in about 2 bites! OH MY I thought my picky lazy basset actually likes something?!

All in all she has wonderful  prices on all your barkery needs :) She has brownies and cookies even clothes and such :) it is a cute little place on face book that I am so happy to have found. Now if I can start convincing her to make a birthday cake :)

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Monday, April 4, 2011

Depression... A touchy Subject?

Well there is no denying I suffer from a condition called DEPRESSION. Yes I said it out loud and I admit it. It took me several years to admit I have a problem and also a terrible thing happen for me to say it out loud. Over 35 million Americans suffer from depression so sever they need medication that is 16% of the country. Not many of those people will admit they have a problem, seek help, and most importantly get medications that ultimately could save their life. I suffer from whats called manic-depressive disorder, better known as Bi-polar.   When they first said that to me I replied with "YEA NO NOT ME. I am not THAT bad." She agreed. I am on a low scale. I am not some crazy person that would hurt myself my children or anyone else. Because my lows are VERY low and my highs are very high that is what they "labeled" me. There are days (most days) I put on my pjs right after work or sooner if I am not working and sit in my "chair" all day and night. I play with my children from my chair, I do facebook and watch tv from my chair sometimes I even eat in my chair. They are my very low days. There are days like Saturday night where I could not WAIT to put on my make up my 80's sweatshirt and head out with my best friend Kristen and dance the night away. Those are the good days. My children know I love them. I never lack in telling them playing with them or hugging them it's just sometimes I do it from my chair. I also suffer from sever anxiety. Thinking about driving alone is the worst. When I get up and grab my keys I start to have trouble breathing and it feels like I have bleach in my lungs. Simple things like going to the supermarket is very very hard (and it is only .9 miles away) I am telling everyone all this personal stuff because well I want everyone to know they are not alone. When you Google depression you often get sites that push a certian medication and give you minimum information. I never understood that I was ok. I didn't understand because no one told me (yes it isn't normal) but that the things I feel think and do are ok. There are people to help me, medications to help me and ways to better my life. It is a every day struggle, not knowing what I will wake up to, but I am doing ALL the right things to try and better my life while suffering from this condition. I plan on taking part in the Out of the Darkness walk in Boston mass. It is a walk to prevent suicide. Even tho I have never had thoughts of hurting myself never mind committing suicide I feel for families and loved ones going threw losing someone. I had someone extremely close try and kill themselves and since then have realized I need help with my own life. People who suffer are not someone you have to fear or not be friends with. Someone who suffers needs friends needs encouragement and need what is already good in their life. We never forget what we have and we are always grateful. We just have a different way of life sometimes.   I know it is very hard for my husband children and friends to have to see sometimes and I wish a million times over I could not be sad sometimes but to know I am not the only one suffering is making this thing in my life easier. If you or someone you know are suffering from depression remind them or yourself there are people out there who would love to talk and help them, me being one of them. Thanks for listening to my rambles :)
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

This is a good website I found as well...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Please Vote For Miss Louise here :)

Please go and vote for Miss Louise's photo in the Purrs~N~Grrs contest :) 
All you have to do is click on "Please Vote For Miss Louise Here :)" and it will take you to her picture like her page and like Louise's picture :) that is all :)   I would greatly appreciate it! and a review on her clothing and doggy food will be coming soon :) Thank you all! Much Thoughts For All Denise <3
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