Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well I did it! I reached over 100 followers! You guys are simply AMAZING! I can not thank you all enough for spreading the word of my new journey through this amazing blogging life! So to return this awesomeness I have some amazing people lined up for some AWESOME prizes! All weekend long there will be different posts with links to their website's or fan pages. Also a picture of the prize (or a prize equal to winnings) and all the details in order to enter! Then you will have to answer a FUN trivia question about me or about the sponsor! So get those searching eyes ready! All giveaways will be up until Monday afternoon when random.org will pick a winner (only those who got the trivia right!) Most of you wouldn't know, but this is my last year in my 20's :( Worried I sure am! Hopefully my 30's will be more awesome with more to offer! But I want to make this last year amazing! SO LET'S KICK THIS OFF THE RIGHT AWAY! Stay tuned!

Some great people already lined up...

Frankie Powers Avon Rep...

Make Your Mark With Brittany...


Cowboys & Crowns...

Jj Manor Stuffies...


Kick The Wick With Brittany...

Tail Waggin Barkery...


More being added every day! I am so excited! I can not wait! Have a great weekend everyone and I look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Much Thoughts For All
Denise <3

Monday, May 30, 2011

Frankie Powers Avon Rep... Warning some pictures maybe disturbing to you...

So because I work as a Nanny with three wonderful children as well as care for my own two while I am there (5 kids total) I hardly ever wear makeup. When I do wear it I like bold colors that completely change my look. Frankie started selling Avon a few months ago and she is now my to go girl for makeup! I always bought my makeup at chain stores and never even thought about trying Avon stuff. Alas she convinced me to try. Next picture again may be disturbing to see... My before
Notice the terrible blemishes on my face and the dark circles around my eyes... Like I said I like to go bold. So these are the products I used. 1. Avon's Smooth Minerals Foundation. In Ivory 2. Avon Precision Glimmer Eye Liner. In Storm 3. Avon Precision Glimmer Eye Shadow Powder. In Golden Turquoise 4. Avon Super Full Midnight Mascara. In Black Pearl 5. Finished it off with Avon Perfect Wear Plump & Stay Lip Color. In Plump Peach...
The eye liner and the eye shadow are SO easy to put on and make perfect lines with! The foundation is very light which I love. The Mascara is ok I like it but don't LOVE it, but they have great choices to chose from. And the Lip Color I love it! It plumps you up so your lips feel like Angelina Jolie! Frankie is SO easy to work with and has a WONDERFUL attitude about her products. She offers wonderful deals and there is always a sale going on! She gets the products super fast and either delivers them to your door (if you are in the Boston area) or there is an option on her page to have them shipped right to you! She is always eager to put in a few extras to try out! I got the bug wipes! Perfect for tonight at the BBQ. The wipes make it so easy to put on a very hyper 4 year old! Frankie is so awesome as well to be taking part in this upcoming weekend give away birthday party! I am excited to see what she comes up with as a prize! OK OK so you all want to see the after picture right? Well I didn't do my hair and I didn't clean my bathroom (as you can see from the first pic) so there is nothing making me look better other then the Avon and Frankie giving it to me! So here we go!!!
Here is the link to her Avon page! Shop around you will totally find something you love! All at WONDERFUL prices as well as a GREAT rep! Her number is also on her page or a very easy contact button on her page as well if you need any help ordering :) http://fpowers.avonrepresentative.com/ Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Talking Like A Sailor... Walking Like A Princess...

Since Alora-Sara was born she has been the happiest baby. Always smiling at Mommy, Daddy and Brother Robert. But never has smiled for 90% of her pics I take and forget professional photos! When she learned how to talk she wouldn't talk to anyone but us. She is a very serious little girl. She has gone to dance class for two years with the same kids and the same teachers YUP still won't talk to them. She has been in school since September and finally talked to her teacher in March. What the heck! We call it the "death stare!" The entire family and friends think this is hilarious! I do too really. She has the mouth of a sailor and the walk of a princess. Just the way I want it! It's funny we went to the American Legion today with Daddy after the cemetery and pizza (we always do this) the kids were playing with the pool tables and I met a woman that my Daddy has known since school who was married to a good friend of his. My Daddy then told her that I was a girl with "A sailors mouth" I butted in with "And I walk like a princess!" Miss Alora-Sara then came over (mind you she hates people) and said. "My Mommy Says I talk like Sailors and walk like a princess to. Who the hell are you anyway!?" Well first of all if I was a "normal mom" I would have said something to her about not saying "hell." But alas all the ENTIRE bar could do was laugh! Then she flashed the BIGGEST smile I have ever seen! Legit I was soooo proud! Talking Like a Sailor Walking like a Princess! So yes this post is about Alora-Sara and never smiling so here are details and stories... 1. I have worked for the same family (my three nanny children) for 7 years. Alora has been there for 4 years she has only talked to my boss 3 times. 2. She needs to wear a dress all the time and it has to be black or have skulls. 3. She wants a Harry Potter birthday party. 4. She asked her friends at dance to bring her death toys. 5. She says hell and sh*t. (yes I admit it those are stories for another day) 6. She never smiles for pictures EVER. 7. She Talks Like a Sailor and Walks Like a Princess.... Number 7 is all that matters. I come from a great family. I just happen to have a very Irish mouth. I never back down. I admit it! Hey nothing to hide. I mean they are words. Robert never swears, ever, he is a good kid. He would whoop yo a** if he needed to. But he is my sweet caring loving boy. Alora on the other hand unless you are an animal of some sort, YUP forget it. From day one any old person, young person, random person, kid she gave you the "DEATH STARE!" I admit I don't like that she says "Oh Sh*t" every time she drops something or hurts her self. I don't like that she doesn't show people how happy she really is. Then again does it matter? She is caring for all family and friends, she loves her animals, she loves her best friend Lena and Laylay and she is a Princess... Well here we go I am posting her best pictures :)
You would think this child has a sad life... Nope just won't smile! What the heck!? Well I am sorry if I shocked anyone with the swearing :) Nope wait I am not sorry that is my life! But isn't that why you read this? Now off to watch my miserable daughter sleep... Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day... Not Just For Food...

I went to my Mom and Daddy's (yes I still call him Daddy) house today. I was only suppose to be to dropping off the swing I ordered her for Mothers Day. I stayed to put it together. Then my Mom and I decided that we should maybe scrub all the patio furniture, which turned into scrubbing the out door toys and finally power-washing the deck. After 5 hours of very strenuous work we were done. But I realized driving home that I got to spend and entire afternoon on this holiday weekend alone with her. We talked about all the plans for Monday, the food, who is coming and what toys the kids will want to play with. We never once mentioned what the day is all about. Every year the Sunday before Memorial Day I have taken my Daddy to the cemetery to visit his Mom, Dad and Brother. My Uncle Joel died in Vietnam. He was only 21 years old. He was from what I hear a great writer and a wonderful man. He helped raise my Dad, Uncle and Aunt after their Mother passed early in their life. He then went on to serve our Country. He died for this Country. We have a way of doing this special Sunday. I pick my Daddy up, we head to the same garden center we always have, buy some daisies (my favorite) head to the cemetery then head to the town spa in Stoughton to enjoy some pizza. He tells me stories of his family, most I have heard a thousand times before. We talk about how brave my Uncle was and how again he was a wonderful writer. It is a special weekend I enjoy and as I sit there and talk to my family that have passed I look at that little flag flapping so proudly in the ground next to his name, H. "Joel" Lindelof Vietnam Veteran and I feel proud, proud of all those that this day is for. Monday will come, I will head to my Mom and Daddy's house. Meet our family there and enjoy traditional hot dogs and burgers. We will have a few beers and a few laughs. Then before we know it back to the normal work life. So come Monday when you are enjoying the same, take a minuet to say thank you for all that served this country so that you can enjoy a burger and dog..... Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Friday, May 27, 2011

DAMN IT ALL LOUISE! Why are you such a perfect awesome dog :)

Yea so I am a Mommy to a dog. YUP I will fully admit I am one of those that sleep with my dog, play with my dog, drive with my dog (not in my lap,) and bring my dog EVERYWHERE. I love her I waited a LONG time for another perfect dog. Louise is perfect. Here is just 10 reasons why she is... 1. She has HUGE ears. 2. Her legs are so short and she has no elbows. 3. She always looks like she is high! (it is kind of funny) 4. She smells like Fritos. 5. She has a large brown spot on her butt that makes her look like she is wearing pants. 6. She doesn't leave the yard and is a leash free yard dog. 7. She is always at my feet wanting more love. 8. She LOVES Robert and Alora 9. She puts the whole cat's head in her mouth and spits her out without even pissing her off! (thats talent dude I can't even get my fist in mine! Ok well I can) 10. You ask her what is on top of the house. She looks at you and say "RUFF" Yea I pretty much have the most kick ass dog ever. But sometimes I could kill her. Like how 10 mins are getting the new rug she dragged her ARSE over it! Her ears always need to be cleaned from their hugeness, she takes up about 85% of the bed. She smells like Fritos... WAIT WAIT... Other then the butt rubbing nothing is really BAD about Louise.
I wanted Louise for a long time and the day I had Alora walk her threw the house door (oh please I wasn't walking into a house with my Mother in Law who said she would kick me in the arse if I brought home a dog!) So I sent in the 2 year old with 5 month old puppy on a leash! Yea I was smart :) Everyone in this house instantly fell in love! I mean come on how can you not love a dog that looks like she spends her life with Bob Marley!? They say a dog can extend your life, and help with sever depression. Hell I will take a few extra years on my life and we all know I am crazy so I will help that too! But I can say this. I may not know if that is true but right now, in this moment, at this time I could not imagine her being anywhere else but under my lap top as a desk top for me <3 she is my everything in a dog. She is perfect! Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Sleep... Moody Mommy... Stupid Mail Man hubby!!!

Yea it is my fault I got knocked up by the mail man, but seriously? Going postal! Not him ME. I hardly slept last night. Went to bed at 1am, Alora woke up at 2am wanting a drink, woke up at 730am I AM EXHAUSTED! So where am I going with this? Well hmm the way us moody woman act with all our hormones! Oh don't deny it! You are crazy too! So there I was this morning talking to Liz as every morning and we got into the conversation of woman being Bit*h's. When we have a bad day we tend to take it out on everyone (again don't deny it.) Hardly sleeping last night the stress of everything in the last two weeks and the dreaded DR appointment we have this afternoon, I AM A PSYCHO! I hardly listen to my husband, Alora is bugging me, the dog smells and I want to nap. However being a Mom it is ok. I mean don't go crazy to the point of being committed BUT we are all entitled to have bad days! I mean come on God didn't make us all perfect. He made woman witches, men grumpy and kids are made to drive us crazy! So we need to let it out. Like I said don't go kicking your husbands arse but get it out. I do we all do. Don't go about saying oh I am perfect, I don't yell, I don't cry, I don't fart, and most certainly never stress out. BAHAHAHAHA right. Find a good friend to vent to and let it out. And make sure you return the favor. Ok my moody, exhausted rant is over. Have a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday. RIGHT.
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Bath Company and Joplin Relief

Joplin Relief Imagine this is your street:
It used to look normal, now the street is littered with debris, belongings, cherished hopes and dreams. People have nothing left except what they can salvage from the wreckage. They have no home, no where to go. Many of these people have family who also lost their homes, so they can't go there. There used to be beautiful trees, probably some with spring buds on them. Now they are bare trunks, stark reminders of what used to be. Imagine this is your town:
There is nothing left. No where to go. Nothing to do except cry and hope that your family members made it, that they will be found. Imagine this is your child:
The rescue worker carrying her out. To which hospital is unknown, since the main hospital was destroyed. Can you imagine not knowing if your loved ones are safe? Where they are? If they are alive?
We have all been saturated with these images. These are not just images on your screen, these are people. These are our neighbors. These people need your help. Please help us. If you can donate an item please email me at goodbathcompany@gmail.com. If you can't please bid on these items! Also 20% of all profit made by Good Bath Company from now until the auction closes will go to the American Red Cross for Disaster Crises. Please help. This could be you, this could be me, these people could be your family or friends. They have lost so much. We want to give them something back! Thank you so much for your time and consideration. The auction is being put up asap and will close on June 10th. Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Wanting Babies... Baby Needing Blues...

There is no denying the fact that inside I am hurting, crying, needing, wanting another baby in my family. I got Louise thinking I could have a puppy care for a puppy while caring for my two beautiful children and be content for a long time. I find myself not even a year later not feeling fulfilled. I am going threw extreme baby blues. I am not talking about the ones you get after your baby, but the one where you just NEED a baby. There has been many friends and family who have had babies or are currently pregnant. I don't want to steal anyone's spot light, and I don't need any myself, but I just don't feel like I should be the only one not in the "club." I don't want a baby because everyone is "doing it" but I need a baby. I have always wanted a big family. Five or more kids I have dreamed of. I know I can handle it as I do it every day at work. There is just something in me that is craving this. My children are my joy and reason for living (OK the mail man too.) I just feel like our family is not done. I decided 3 years ago to get an IUD because at the time it was not right. Right now seems like not the time either with money and space etc. Honestly though when is anyone financially stable for a baby. Even the rich ones. So putting off your life goals is not worth it. I had the "talk" with my husband last night with no wining and not complaining we listened to each other. For a long time with the stress of Robert and Alora getting older he just was not ready to start all over again. I agreed for some time. We had our talk last night and he agreed we are not "done" with our baby making, but expressed his feelings of not wanting to go threw a pregnant wife alone again. He might kill me for what I am about to spill but eh he can pick up another tray of mail and take the aggravation out on your envelopes heehee. Anyway he expressed to me his two best friends are finally settled down and soon they will start their families. He wants to be part of that with them and them be part of us. I though it was extremely sweet for a man to express his true feelings, and he didn't tell me no! As a woman I know how we all feel about being and going threw things alone, and how we all dream at some point of being pregnant with our best friends. Liz and I always dreamed of that and our boys are 7 months apart and the babies 2 years apart. It makes you feel so good to have someone to talk to about the good things, the bad things, and lets face it the gross things! So as for now, I will be happy and enjoy my friends babies, be a good friend and help them out. Buy them adorable clothes and share in their joy. When our time is right we will move forward have lots of "baby making fun" and enjoy our own pregnancy and new born. Life as I know it is and will be perfect no matter what happens.
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Monday, May 23, 2011

I can think of some people I am not longer friends with who have always had a problem with this one :)

TO NON-PET OWNERS who visit our homes. Don't complain about our pets. (1) They live here, you don't. (2) If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture. That's why they call it 'Fur'-niture. (3) Chances are, I love my pets more than I like you. (4) To you, they are animals. To me, they are family ...who are hairy, walk on all fours & don't talk back Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love You Parents. They Will Not Be Here Forever.

I don't think one knows how important their parents are until they themselves are parents. My Dad is my whole world and my Mom my inspiration. They have struggled to give my Brother and I everything and anything we ever needed or wanted. Even now when my car breaks down or I need food they are the first to pay the bills until I can pay them back. They gave me food, clothes, a home and love. And if I can be half that to my kids, I know I am amazing. Three Years ago a month and 1/2 after my wedding my dad fell into a coma. I got the phone call when I was on my way to work. I turned my car around and drove threw Boston traffic (which trust me takes FOREVER)never stopped my car and never stopped crying. I walked into my Dad's room and fell by his side and remained there for almost 4 weeks. Watched the news and told him all about it. When the Sox traded Manny his heart rate and breathing because crazy and I was yelled at by the nurse :) I spent almost a month away from my family only coming home to shower and sleep. Sleeping only minuets a night and tossing and turning the rest of that night. It was the worst 4 weeks of my life. My Daddy pulled threw it all and is now fine. He has bad days where he gets confused and his short term memory is sometimes compromised but all in all a healthy guy. Today I spent the day with my Dad and the kids. We all piled in my parents small kitchen and made dinner together. A nice hot chicken dinner! I believe if I wasn't there every day talking to him, making him listen to my voice he might not have survived. I missed my daughters chicken pox and first time pooping on the potty. She doesn't remember me missing it but my son he remembers me missing his first soccer goal. But when I talk to him about it he reminds me that Grandpy is my Dad and him and his sister were taken care of by Daddy and happy. That I did the right thing. So tonight call your Mom's and Dad's and just ask how their day is. Tell them the weather or talk about sports. The little things can make a HUGE difference! It saved my Dad's life. Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Friday, May 20, 2011

3 Year Olds NEED Naps

 I am sitting here with a baby on both sides. These two three year olds are exhausted! First of all they have gone all week from school and other things. It has been raining for ever here and that makes you tired anyway and one of them was up all night! When I say all night went to bed at 8 was up at 2am and has yet to sleep since. The other one was up until 10 playing in her room and had to be woken up at 7am. It is said a child of their age should sleep 11-12 hours a night as well a hour nap a day. These two fight sleep like Mike Tyson in his Ear match, NASTY.
Why won't they sleep? As for us Mommies we are EXHAUSTED! I don't mind my Alora staying up late because she sleeps late but that should NOT be the case. I am a very strict bed time Mom. I am not strict about most things but this I am a stickler for. My children from day one home were put in their rooms at 630-7 lights out. As infants they would wake up at midnight and then 5am fed in the dark sang to changed and put back into bed. They would then start their little infant days with cat naps and boobs (oh the life!) As they grew older 7pm stayed bed time.

My oldest napped until he was 5! I think even at the age of 5 they should lay down after school and rest. Sleeping no more then 30-45 mins. They are happier and healthier.
I am sorry but these Moms that let their kids roam the house at all hours of the night or keep them out till 1am let them sleep till noon I mean come on what the hell is wrong with you!? Children are a responsibility if you didn't want that then give it up to someone who does!

I am having a hard time dealing with the lack of sleep and the no naps. At night we have started melatonin which has helped immensely! However during the day we are still at no naps. If we are in the car before dinner they fall asleep then bed time well that is even more hell!
So where am I getting at?
1. Children CRAVE a bed time and bed routine.
2. 3 year olds should be napping (for my sanity as well!)
3. Mom's who don't care about this issue well reconsider your life choices.
4. HELP!? What are your thoughts, opinions and advice?

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who Wants To Witness My First Giveaway?

 Oh yes those are Alora's!!!!
 Well it has happened! I was contacted to run a give away! Details will soon follow! However to get a head start you can head over to her page. http://www.facebook.com/maddiesbow like her and check her out! There will be simple requirements and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Alora-Sara's "Special Day"

 Today marked a very good day in preschool life! It was Alora-Sara's special day in school. She got a crown, got to pick the songs and even got strawberries with whipped cream and a candle! In a way this made me so proud but sad at the same time. With the end of preschool soon I am faced with the reality of my baby going into Pre-K.

But lets just talk about today for now! We arrived at school with a skull dress and blue hair (yea that was a fight this morning) and a crown waiting that says "Alora 4" Well she did not want me to leave so I said ok I will stay for a little while. I ended up staying all morning.

First was Alora going into class and getting her special crown and a lot of "Oh how cute your blue hair!" Yea sure it is. Alora then headed to the table and started writting her name! I couldn't believe it! not even 4 yet and writes her name! I am so proud!

 Then we all played with swamp water! We found little plankton and put them under microscopes! Then we fed the frog that was also caught in the swamp some worms! Well 8 girls watching the slaughter of a worm was, well lets just say, morbid! We checked out the tadpoles and a fish spider (yuck) and then it was rug time. Alora got to pick out the song, of course it was the doughnut song! Then I left for a little while to escape...

When I returned we were ready for snack! Alora and I brought in special strawberries and whipped cream! they had a candle and sang "Happy Special Day!"
We played dress up which is where all the fun began! Every little girl (all 8) were now surrounding me sitting with their evil little stares! I was weirded out and so wasn't the teacher. She asked why no one was playing one little girl then raised her hand and said "We want to know why Alora's mommy wrote on her arm?" Oh boy my tattoos!? Well I said "When you are older you can talk about it to your Mommy and Daddies but right now lets DRESS UP!" that was a good enough answer for them! for the next 45 mins we played and played it was wonderful!
We all went outside where we played Mr Fox!
After outside time we all headed in for one more story! Then Alora thanked all her friends and gave them all a bow, which we had made! 
It was a AWESOME special day for my Alora and a great day for me too!
Now Bed Time?

Much Thoughts For All De
nise <3

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess I will Try A wordless Wednesday :)

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


With the extreme embarrassment that comes with having a child or yourself with Lice, I was not going to blog about it. Then I sat down and read and read and read about Lice and I was totally all wrong about it! Don't get me wrong NO ONE wants Lice but I have always been TERRIFIED and a snob about it. So I wanted to write this post so I can kill some of people's fears and embarrassment. 
With 5 children all of which go to school it is amazing (up until now) that they have not gotten these little stressful bugs. Well low and behold the eldest girl got a note home from school there was a Lice outbreak. LOVELY. Head checks started. Nothing, Nothing and Nothing for two weeks. Phew I think we are in the clear. NOPE the oldest girl got it spread to the oldest boy now spread to the two babies. I AM SO GROSSED OUT AND EMBARRASSED! Of course I call the Pediatrician in TEARS. Crying how I am extremely clean and my daughter is clean and how could this happen! She calmed me down and started telling me HER story. Her daughters had it, the nurses children had it, it is life it is lice and it spreads like wildfire! So we start.
All 4 children (lucky my oldest boy did not get it nor did I) were treated and combed, and combed, and combed and are still being combed. First time in my life I found myself at the laundry mat with 10 BIG loads of clothes and bedding (our washer and dryer are just to small) Between the laundry mat, the head treatments and other products we are $150 in the hole. LOVELY. But worth it.
So this is were the snob part of me comes into play. I have always thought it was dirty people who got lice, that lice can jump from person to person, it lives in furniture and oh my god my car! Again CRYING to the pediatrician. This is what I learned from research on the internet (we all know google doesn't lie lol)   Contrary to what people think Lice can not jump or fly, can not live off a host for more then 12-24 hours, is extremely very hard very rare to be transferred threw furniture or car seats, and really the only way to get it is by head to head contact. Well that would explain why girls are more prone to it then boys. Girls are more touchy touchy and the oldest well she sleeps with the brother and then holds the babies all the time. Well YUP that spread it. After the shock wore off we treated. You treat and comb and comb then treat again in 7-10 days and usually that is all you have to do.
Lice can not harm you they are just a nuisance. They are not dirty or carry diseases. Pets can NOT carry them (due to the oil on their fur and skin.) And once everything is laundered in vacuumed you should be in the clear. It states everywhere do not kill yourself cleaning and spending time cleaning because you should be spending time combing the source because again they can not live off host.
So since Thursday (since I am anti bug) I have vacuumed out my entire car washed all car seats, luckily I was getting a new rug, vacuumed all furniture striped all beds, washed all laundry and packed up the stuffed animals and have put them away for two weeks.
Take the time if you have school age children to read up and learn the truth about lice. I did and I feel a little better about it and yes I am still extremely embarrassed but it is life. It happens to over 150million school age children a year (mind you that is only on average 8 months year wise) they say 4 out of a class of 20 get lice every year. It is extremely common  and not dirty at all. I am listing a few websites I have found which has really helped me in my lice journey and I am happy to say WE HAVE TACKLED THIS PROBLEM better then a line backer for the Cowboys. We are now Lice free in only 5 days!
(These are not my children's head lice just pictures I have found to inform you)

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Sunday, May 15, 2011

100 Follower Give Away

I have yet to embellish on the give away. Now that I am almost half way to my 100 followers I should probably post about it.

 Big Papi has nothing to do with this... I just love this picture and wanted to share what WE won for once in our life heehee...
It will be a trivia give away once I hit... wait for it... keep waiting... did you guess??? YUP 100 followers! Not to hard to do if you give the name of my blog out!
Anyway what will happen is every day for 10 days I will post a trivia question about my blog everyone will comment with their answer and I will take all who are right and use random.org to pick the winners. It is that simple...
So my followers keep reading sharing your comments (because a trivia question could be about a comment!) and pretty soon we will have my first giveaway!!! Candy Baskets, bows and who knows what else :)
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


As we all know by now Kieren and I live in the basement of our amazing home. I love it! Big space, privacy from the rest of the house and let's face it we can have all the hanky panky we want and no one can hear it, OH WAIT haha no I think we tend to wake the MIL a lot :) it is life. 
Anyway I got off subject a lot. Because we live in a basement in Mass it tends to get wet. No biggy we have a french drain and a dehumidifier so we are pretty good. HOWEVER the carpet that was down was OLD had been flooded and had a basset hound try and potty train. IT SMELLED! Not every day but every time it rained and snowed (that is a lot in Boston) it smelled so bad of musk pee and you name it. Hey I was embarrassed at first but come on IT IS LIFE. It isn't like I was walking around smelling of pee it isn't THAT bad.
Anyway we got a new carpet! I am so excited! We had a big name company come and do it and can I just say they were AMAZING. We had a break out in the house (which once I get over the shock of it I will blog about that to) so we have been overwhelmed and the basement was not cleaned out like it should have been. Well the very nice WICKED HOT carpet guy showed up. Of course my MIL and I were in tickles over his cuteness, and my husband went CRAZY packing up the baby's room with all our useless crap muddling under his breath that MIL and I are crazy.
After the giggles and the wanting to scream "YOUR HOT!" I started apologizing for the basement that we were rushing to pack it up and we have been sick. He patiently waited and his crew showed up. Now I am thinking because this is a big chain carpet people they wouldn't be so awesome. No they were amazing! He waited for his crew they came (all of which were HOT) and they went to work. We didn't have to move once piece of furniture, they kept our fridge hooked up the entire time, they let us come in and out to inspect the carpet and most importantly they explained every process! They were so amazingly nice! AND HOT.
Anyway that was all off subject. So our old carpet like I said was nasty. Now with my new red gleaming carpet I find myself in the last 14 hours screaming at the world to take off their shoes. Then the worst thing happened in ALL of the world (see you keep reading and it gets good) Louise not even 10 hours after installation looked and SCOOTED ON MY NEW CARPET! I never yell at my cute dog and I screamed! "LOUISE GET YOUR A** OFF MY CARPET YOU DIRTY H*E!" Yea pretty bad.
So what am I getting to here? Well I am so grateful for our new carpet. However do I honestly think that with two kids, a dog, a husband, friends and a cat that this carpet will be perfect forever? No but again that is life! I will enjoy this amazing clean smelling and looking carpet (and the dreams of the sexy carpet boys) for as long as I can. I shall vacuum 4385760 times a day and squish my toes in it. But lets face it after a couple years, I am sure the kids will be back to dirty feet! However I hope the smell stays away!
Oh and this picture not of the new carpet (still organizing) but of Miss Louise who was pretty pissed she couldn't go inside and sleep all day on the bed.

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two 3 year olds... UGH that is annoying! SHUT IT OFF!

I am sitting here on my LT about to write a blog but what to write about? OH RIGHT ALORA AND BEAN BEING LOUD! Well not just loud but their average day I would like to write about. You see I have been called lazy and pathetic and all this stuff because I don't work a "real" job and I am not on my feet all day! REALLY!? Are you on crack!? I have at any given time 2-5 children ALL day. Yes I chose to be a Nanny yes I chose to be a Mom and you are telling me I am lazy? Really let's take a walk in a typical Denise day.
6:55am. Get up shower (usually alone but sometimes the baby showers with me) get dressed, get Alora dressed pack up for work and head out by 7:25am.
7:30  Driving to work Alora starts crying she wants to watch Harry Potter. Sorry kid but we watch Harry Potter 4736529 times in the car in the past week I want the radio to hear the weather. Arrive at DD's for some coffee and Alora's peanut butter bagel.
8:00am Arrive at work to 2 girls not dressed yet not fed yet usually vegging on the sofa no big deal. Talk to mom she is gone by 8:10 at the latest I find both girls clothes, shoes, back packs feed them breakfast, brush their hair, find coats and have them loaded up in the car (all 3 girls now mind you) by 8:42am to make it to the bus stop by 8:45am bus comes.
Driving again with the babies have to be at school soon rush there.
9:00am drop the babies off for two hours of preschool.
In those two hours I run errands shopping bills bank anything.
11:30am Pick the babies up.
12:00pm get home start lunch that takes some times while the girls are running around lunch is made as they are screaming that is not what they want for lunch that I am a bad Mommy etc. Typical food day.
12:15pm they are done eating because god forbid I have time to pee. They start playing which I play with them. Anything from tea party to barbies to painting.
1-1:25pm they being 3 are exhausted! So I lay them on the sofa and give them a movie. I finally get to pee and catch up on FB and my blog. OH LOOK one has to poop... Wipe her butt get her back on the sofa. Oh the other wants popcorn go make that. Oh you have to pee now go do that. Oh the movie is skipping ok I will fix that.
Oh look it is 2:30om the second oldest boy gets off the bus with an hour of homework that he always cries over so I am sitting there while the other two babies are ripping apart the house. Do homework.
Oh crap it is 2:50 stop your home work girls get in the car! Where are your sock and shoes? Girls let's go! No boy there is no toys in the car right now. No just leave your home work. GOD GUYS WE ARE LATE GET YOUR BUTTS IN THE CAR!
3:00pm thank god Lay's school is two streets over we made it get her pick her up and head back home where there is more home work.
Girls go off house is crazy again
3:45pm FINALLY done with home work. Time to clean up. We all pitch in turn on the music dance and clean up do the dishwasher the laundry clean the play rooms get babies to go potty set up a quiet activity and oh look! It is now...
5pm. Their dad gets home I leave with my daughter get home by...
5:45 Louise needs to go out Robert is excited I am home already has his home work done I start dinner.
6:30 dinner is usually done Kieren (amazing mail man husband) gets the kids up and fed and then after dinner it is bath story and such.
7:30 Alora's bed time . read books tuck her in fight with her EVERY night since she is hating to sleep right now she finally passes out at 8:15ish
8:30 starting again Robert goes to bed argues for an hour constantly coming into our room he forgot this he didn't say this OH one more thing!
9:30pm OH LOOK HUSBAND THERE YOU ARE!? I love you...
Finally time to my self... And you call me lazy?!
Anyone who has never been a mom doesn't know half the crap we go threw every day! We wouldn't change a thing and hardly ever complain (we all complain at some point.) These perfect little Mommie's who say it isn't hard and we love to experience every moment and everything is perfect. HA KISS MY FAT MOMMY BUTT! You get peed on like us by the babies, you get screamed at when lunch isn't right, you get home work, mcas, ballet, karate and CRAZINESS, just like me... Stop pretending we don't have the hardest job out there. Just because I don't stalk shelves or put files away doesn't mean I am not exhausted. Try my job!

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Monday, May 9, 2011

Custom Creations and Her Amazing Imagination!

I have been a fan of  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Custom-Creations/127495587317077 for a while now and just recently received  3 head bands one with a flower and 12 bows! They were already made so they were shipped out and I received them in 3 days! Talk about fast shipping!
All 12 are different colors styles and ADORABLE! Some are big, some are small, some are round some are pointy all are AMAZING.

My favorite happens to be the matching Zebra print with a nice White and Black Swirl center bows which matched nicely with her Black and pink leotard for dance class (not to mention the tights and thigh high Alice in Wonderland socks.) She wanted her very thin hair braided and I was wondering how they would stay in. But as you can see from the picture though they are large they are ADORABLE and fit so nicely in her hair and never fell out during Ballet or Tap! Not only did they stay in for ballet and Tap but also TUMBLING! She lined the clip with matching fabric for some extra grip which works perfectly in her thin hair. She got many many compliments on her matching braids with matching bows.

Custom Creations can make any bow you can practically think of! From OTT bows to little bows, Bottle Cap bows, as well as DANCE BAGS!

We received our dace bag about two weeks back. I was so excited to fill it with Alora's little tap shoes and Ballet shoes. Of course there is so much room left! So we now keep her 3 tutus,  shoes, and a lot of hair bows and a hair brush. It is VERY durable so it with stands the 3 year old running and falling on the side walk (happens every week) as well as the little Babies who watch their big sisters dance, who like to grab and play with the dance bag. Opening the zipper and closing the zipper open close open close. It is easy enough to take a baby wipe and wash down as well. At only $10 YES $10 this is a PERFECT dance bag for your little princess.
Custom Creations has so many things to offer at amazing prices they are a must see! I give them 2 tap shoes 2 ballet shoes and a dance bag for a total of 5 stars!
Thank you Custom Creations! 
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Custom-Creations/127495587317077Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friends Come and Go...

 I have had the same best friend since 1987. Her name is Liz and there is a special place in our hearts for each other. We spoil each others children, take care of each other in good times and bad, and will be together till death do us part (crap I should really remind myself she isn't my husband? NAH it's ok) When she lived 927 miles away we still talked every day visited when we could afford and never missed a "It's ok I love you." in hard times.
We met in Kindergarten she had some weird dress on and made fun of my pink spider back pack. I had my hair in pig tails, black shoes my aunt was mad I scuffed and of course my pink spider back pack. I didn't like her so much then again at the age of 5 you don't like anything unless its pink and covered in candy. Well I don't remember if it was the first day of school or weeks into school but I saw her under the craft table. I walked over and there she was being weird (I will not say what she was doing in fear she will kick my butt) but I told her I would be her friend if she stopped. She never did, but alas our best friendship grew from that day on.
I have had many friends come and go into and out of my life. Some have stayed like Evan and Abbie, some turn crazy and I realize I need to forget them. Those fun times in my life I will never forget however sometimes you have to remind yourself no matter how big your heart is letting go is the best for your life.
I am such a easy person to walk on. I help everyone, take care of everyone in any situation, and am always USED. I am learning in my life that I need to not be taken advantage of. My true friends know 1. I have a family I may not always be able to blab on the phone and waist my day texting 2. I suffer from sever depression most days I can't leave my house it physically hurts me to leave, I don't know why Doctors don't have an answer and it just is and 3. Sometimes you EXHAUST me. Friendship isn't about being worried if you don't text right away they might flip, or lose sleep over thinking what they might post on your FB wall because they are mad you didn't want cheese you wanted candy.
Liz and I have been best friends and worst enemies. We love each other for who we are not what we do or the problems we have. We have never stayed mad long and have always come back to each other. THAT my friends is TRUE friend ship. Never having to work for it, it is just always there.
Life is to short. Family is to precious. True friends are worth the heart.
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Purrs~n~Grrs and their amazing Doggy Toys

Miss Louise is afraid of EVERYTHING.  Squeaky toys, stuffed toys, Dunkin coffee cups you name it she runs and hides! No idea why?

I entered Miss Louise into a cutest pet contest. Of course with her big ears and droopy eyes she stole the show over at Purrs~n~Grrs http://www.facebook.com/#!/PurrsNGrrrs?sk=wall we were so proud of her! She won a custom portrait from Cowboys and Crowns  (which you can find another review over here on my blog) and a gift from Purrs~n~Grrs. I emailed her and told her 1. I was so happy and blessed to have Louise win and 2. She is afraid of everything! She emailed me back within minuets and said NO PROBLEM! She made Louise an ADORABLE "braided Grr" http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/fbx/?set=a.138723082858190.28018.138678239529341. I was like well let's see how Miss Louise handles this and if she would actually play with it.
We got it a few days later and I opened the package. Louise came running over as she always does to see what Mommy got in the mail. I said "Weezer this is for you!" she took it and started playing like crazy. Flipping it in the air jumping with her stubby legs (which is Hilarius in its self) and Alora came over grabbed the other end and the giggles and grrrs started! Louise was dragging her human sister all around the basement with giggles from Alora. Louise then let Alora pull her all around they played for a good 30 mins till Alora gave up. Louise however did not stop!
This is a BIG thing for a lazy Basset. She plays for 20 mins and then passes out. Pretty pathetic I know. But she played chewed and had a ball all by herself!
The Grrs are so durable but so soft for playing with human Brothers and Sisters (and of course Mommy and Daddy too.)
Her Customer service is wonderful! Staying in touch threw the whole transaction and asked how she liked it when she knew she was playing.
I give Purrs~n~Grrs a thumbs up high five!
Check her out and let her know Mommy2Nanny3Doggy1 sent you over :) thanks everyone!
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dance Recitals... Oh the things we do for our kids...

 So with the approaching dance recital for Miss Alora-Sara I remind myself "Oh I love her happy tapping feet big smile and cute little tutu self dancing on stage!" Then I think as I am sitting here waiting to go to my "appointed" time for tickets "WTH WAS I THINKING?" I love Miss Alora-Sara with all my heart and would do ANYTHING for my kids, but this is asking A LOT of parents of a 3 year old. This is her 2nd year dancing and even at 2 she LOVED it. She got on that stage with her 19lbs (yes she is tiny) and danced around did every move to "Ain't no body here but us Chickens" bowed sashayed off stage came out again at then end danced in the finally with all 100plus students and ended everything with a big kiss to the audience a wave to Mommy and Daddy and of course all three Grandmothers at the age of 2.  Now I am not going to be one of those Moms who say "Oh she will be a star" of course not you crazy ladies SHE IS 2! How could anyone possibly know that!? But I will say this dance brings her much joy and BIG smiles.
Now to the bad part. We have ticket day, costume day, picture day, rehearsal day and recital day. All of which are on a timed schedule and a strict Mommy or Daddy ONLY events. I work full time my husband well he has probably delivered your mail at some point because we never know what town he is in, how am I suppose to make all this work? All this stress over the Mom and Dad no wonder we have grays! SHE IS ONLY 3! But alas we do it we make it threw and it brings me back to we will do ANYTHING for our children. To see our children happy and do something that makes them smile (even if they will NEVER remember it) is what makes us wonderful parents. Yes I break the bank paying for dance all year. Yes I get stressed out. Yes I worry if she will cry on stage. But honestly that is the LEAST of my worries.
So all in all I will wake up and get moving on all these designated timed days do what I need to do and smile while I do it all. Because in the end, watching her put on that chicken costume last year and pointing her little size 5 foot like a little ballerina I can't help but dream she is the next Swan Princess...

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3
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