Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alora-Sara's "Special Day"

 Today marked a very good day in preschool life! It was Alora-Sara's special day in school. She got a crown, got to pick the songs and even got strawberries with whipped cream and a candle! In a way this made me so proud but sad at the same time. With the end of preschool soon I am faced with the reality of my baby going into Pre-K.

But lets just talk about today for now! We arrived at school with a skull dress and blue hair (yea that was a fight this morning) and a crown waiting that says "Alora 4" Well she did not want me to leave so I said ok I will stay for a little while. I ended up staying all morning.

First was Alora going into class and getting her special crown and a lot of "Oh how cute your blue hair!" Yea sure it is. Alora then headed to the table and started writting her name! I couldn't believe it! not even 4 yet and writes her name! I am so proud!

 Then we all played with swamp water! We found little plankton and put them under microscopes! Then we fed the frog that was also caught in the swamp some worms! Well 8 girls watching the slaughter of a worm was, well lets just say, morbid! We checked out the tadpoles and a fish spider (yuck) and then it was rug time. Alora got to pick out the song, of course it was the doughnut song! Then I left for a little while to escape...

When I returned we were ready for snack! Alora and I brought in special strawberries and whipped cream! they had a candle and sang "Happy Special Day!"
We played dress up which is where all the fun began! Every little girl (all 8) were now surrounding me sitting with their evil little stares! I was weirded out and so wasn't the teacher. She asked why no one was playing one little girl then raised her hand and said "We want to know why Alora's mommy wrote on her arm?" Oh boy my tattoos!? Well I said "When you are older you can talk about it to your Mommy and Daddies but right now lets DRESS UP!" that was a good enough answer for them! for the next 45 mins we played and played it was wonderful!
We all went outside where we played Mr Fox!
After outside time we all headed in for one more story! Then Alora thanked all her friends and gave them all a bow, which we had made! 
It was a AWESOME special day for my Alora and a great day for me too!
Now Bed Time?

Much Thoughts For All De
nise <3

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Flora Loveday said...

Absolutely darling - my boy is nearing 5 and this post reminds me so much of him!

On another note, I am following from the FNF Blog Hop in every way I can.

Flora Loveday

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