Monday, May 9, 2011

Custom Creations and Her Amazing Imagination!

I have been a fan of for a while now and just recently received  3 head bands one with a flower and 12 bows! They were already made so they were shipped out and I received them in 3 days! Talk about fast shipping!
All 12 are different colors styles and ADORABLE! Some are big, some are small, some are round some are pointy all are AMAZING.

My favorite happens to be the matching Zebra print with a nice White and Black Swirl center bows which matched nicely with her Black and pink leotard for dance class (not to mention the tights and thigh high Alice in Wonderland socks.) She wanted her very thin hair braided and I was wondering how they would stay in. But as you can see from the picture though they are large they are ADORABLE and fit so nicely in her hair and never fell out during Ballet or Tap! Not only did they stay in for ballet and Tap but also TUMBLING! She lined the clip with matching fabric for some extra grip which works perfectly in her thin hair. She got many many compliments on her matching braids with matching bows.

Custom Creations can make any bow you can practically think of! From OTT bows to little bows, Bottle Cap bows, as well as DANCE BAGS!

We received our dace bag about two weeks back. I was so excited to fill it with Alora's little tap shoes and Ballet shoes. Of course there is so much room left! So we now keep her 3 tutus,  shoes, and a lot of hair bows and a hair brush. It is VERY durable so it with stands the 3 year old running and falling on the side walk (happens every week) as well as the little Babies who watch their big sisters dance, who like to grab and play with the dance bag. Opening the zipper and closing the zipper open close open close. It is easy enough to take a baby wipe and wash down as well. At only $10 YES $10 this is a PERFECT dance bag for your little princess.
Custom Creations has so many things to offer at amazing prices they are a must see! I give them 2 tap shoes 2 ballet shoes and a dance bag for a total of 5 stars!
Thank you Custom Creations! Thoughts For All Denise <3

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