Sunday, May 15, 2011

100 Follower Give Away

I have yet to embellish on the give away. Now that I am almost half way to my 100 followers I should probably post about it.

 Big Papi has nothing to do with this... I just love this picture and wanted to share what WE won for once in our life heehee...
It will be a trivia give away once I hit... wait for it... keep waiting... did you guess??? YUP 100 followers! Not to hard to do if you give the name of my blog out!
Anyway what will happen is every day for 10 days I will post a trivia question about my blog everyone will comment with their answer and I will take all who are right and use to pick the winners. It is that simple...
So my followers keep reading sharing your comments (because a trivia question could be about a comment!) and pretty soon we will have my first giveaway!!! Candy Baskets, bows and who knows what else :)
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Denise McD said...


Just two of the great people who will be donating for prizes!

Christine said...

Alright you are one more follower closer to 100!!! Sounds like a fun giveaway, I will stay posted!

Heard about your blog on voiceBoks! HOpe to see you there. And if you get a few extra minutes (ya-right your thinkging-LOL) check out my blog!


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