Friday, May 27, 2011

DAMN IT ALL LOUISE! Why are you such a perfect awesome dog :)

Yea so I am a Mommy to a dog. YUP I will fully admit I am one of those that sleep with my dog, play with my dog, drive with my dog (not in my lap,) and bring my dog EVERYWHERE. I love her I waited a LONG time for another perfect dog. Louise is perfect. Here is just 10 reasons why she is... 1. She has HUGE ears. 2. Her legs are so short and she has no elbows. 3. She always looks like she is high! (it is kind of funny) 4. She smells like Fritos. 5. She has a large brown spot on her butt that makes her look like she is wearing pants. 6. She doesn't leave the yard and is a leash free yard dog. 7. She is always at my feet wanting more love. 8. She LOVES Robert and Alora 9. She puts the whole cat's head in her mouth and spits her out without even pissing her off! (thats talent dude I can't even get my fist in mine! Ok well I can) 10. You ask her what is on top of the house. She looks at you and say "RUFF" Yea I pretty much have the most kick ass dog ever. But sometimes I could kill her. Like how 10 mins are getting the new rug she dragged her ARSE over it! Her ears always need to be cleaned from their hugeness, she takes up about 85% of the bed. She smells like Fritos... WAIT WAIT... Other then the butt rubbing nothing is really BAD about Louise.
I wanted Louise for a long time and the day I had Alora walk her threw the house door (oh please I wasn't walking into a house with my Mother in Law who said she would kick me in the arse if I brought home a dog!) So I sent in the 2 year old with 5 month old puppy on a leash! Yea I was smart :) Everyone in this house instantly fell in love! I mean come on how can you not love a dog that looks like she spends her life with Bob Marley!? They say a dog can extend your life, and help with sever depression. Hell I will take a few extra years on my life and we all know I am crazy so I will help that too! But I can say this. I may not know if that is true but right now, in this moment, at this time I could not imagine her being anywhere else but under my lap top as a desk top for me <3 she is my everything in a dog. She is perfect! Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Jen said...

OMG your puppy is precious! Great site you have going on here.

I found you because you commented on my blog:

Carrie's Rambles said...

I love this post! I'm another one of those that can't imagine being without my dogs (and I have no problem annoying people with doggie pictures)

Returning your follow!

Jenny Sulpizio said...

Following you back and I loooove your bassett! I grew up with those pups and had 3 which I adored. They are the cutest, good-for-nothing dogs ever. My last pup had the lemon coloring like yours does...soooo cute!

Thanks for following me and so glad you're a Harry fan!
Jenny Sulpizio

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