Friday, September 2, 2011


There has been a handful of times I have been to Disney World and I like to think I know how to travel there. With dinner reservations, different park hours for hotel guests, transportations, parades, lights and special seasonal happenings it does get over whelming and forget a lot. The last time I went I saved all my tax money and took my two kids and my mom. We celebrated all our birthday together as well as a little treat for taking care of the big guy since he was well enough for us to leave for a few days. The time before that I went on m honey moon with the mail man! I have experienced Disney as a child, single mom, married honey moon couple and whole family. The two things I know 110% is that I have never been for Christmas (always dreamed) and we NEED the dining plan.
Many times a year Disney offers the free dinning plan which is what I took advantage of. I also booked the lowest value resort being all star music. With that said I like these hotels because they are Disney park hotels, very clean, special advantages for being a guest as well as cheap! Averaging about $67 a night!

The dinning plan is one quick service meal,a snack and a sit down dinner every day. When my husband and I went on our honey moon we paid for the dinning plan at $710 I was a bit worried we made such a big purchase. Then at the end of the trip we saved all our receipts and added them up, $1200! dinned at Cinderella's castle, Mickey mouse character breakfast lunch at planet pizza and my all time, never go to Disney with out eating here place, the 50's Prime Time Cafe.
Now this time traveling with my dad in his electric chair we will need a little more help and when I talked to the man on the magical disney line (the hold music of some day my prince will come was so nice!) he assure me everything even the rides are handicap accessible.
My dream is coming true we are traveling there at Christmas time! I was filled with tears when I was told. How blessed am I. I love my dad and never left his side through out his coma. I take of my dad now. I love my dad not one other person has helped me with him. My children have watched this and I instilled in them no matter what happens you always be there for your family. They help me take daddy out places and even helped putting his new electrical chair together. My children deserve this vacation and seeing the love and excitement on their face is so exciting they know they are going but not when!
I heard there is so many extras around Disney Christmas time! Do you have any advice?

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


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DO NOT miss the Osborne Family Lights at Hollywood studios. When are you going btw? And where are youstaying?

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