Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm the best dang wife... I deserve more then a trophy...

Ok so maybe I don't actually have a trophy but if I did I would want something bigger or something more special then a fake gold statue holding something that has nothing to do with my amazingness.
Us woman are all trophy wives. The men well don't get that. My local news just did a segment On who is the bigger baby when they are sick. This whole segment proves we are the more superior race and deserve more then a fricken trophy.
They interviewed couples upon couples and it was one couple only one that the man blamed the wife for being worse. Really!? So 99% of these couples agree the men are weaklings.
What makes all of this even worse is I then read articles on what men think a woman should be there for. Here I was thinking hey it isn't 1872 anymore we are equal. NOPE. Here are some interestings things I have found just by the good old trusty google.

"Over half of married respondents say the wife is most likely to do six household chores: laundry, cleaning the house, making decisions about furniture and decoration, preparing meals, caring for the children (for couples with children under 18), and doing the grocery shopping. Respondents are also significantly more likely to say the wife, rather than the husband, washes dishes and pays the household bills."

Mail man and I fight almost daily over house hold crap. Usually it ends in a screaming match me chucking something (soft come on I'm not abusive) at his head him laughing and running off doing a half ass job on what we were arguing about in the first place. I heard about these moms who go on strike and refuse to do things. Ya sorry living in a pile of dirty pull ups, food, laundry and other things that crawl to prove a point is not my cup of tea. So I just fight it out lol.

Last night was another night I lost control of the house. Laundry piled high, no vacuuming in site, dishes in the sink, counters covered in crap and where is the mail man? Oh look at the playstation. This gets me boiling then I go into Alora's room and what's in there? Oh candle wax all over her floor! Shaved candle wax! Well this got my blood boiling even more!
Insert fight here....

Fight ended and mail man was upstairs with son cleaning his entire room and getting home work done dinner was served (after I cooked it) beds were made and children in bed. All I did was dinner and bed I refused to do anything else. Am I the only one here who feels this way? I mean it's not like I stay home all day and can keep up with everything and half the money making is me as well. So shouldn't the chores?

Which brings me back to the fact I want a damn trophy or something. Even tho I work all week during the weekend my entire home gets clean laundry gets folded and kids still get fed and played with. What is mail man doing? Oh right playing play station... Jerk...

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Jenelle said...

So true!! I think we all deserve a trophy! This made me laugh from start to finish because I was feeling the same way for the last couple of weeks. I completely "lost control of my house" and I didn't care either! I am only one person and can only do so much in day! sometime we just have to put our foot down and not do anything!

But it Doesn't matter in the end because we probably won't get that trophy and we are going to still be the ones that are going to get the house back in order. Because if we don' one else will!

Denise McDonough said...

I am glad you could laugh :) I was sooooo mad writing this but shortly calmed after LOL I was then picturing my huge fat head on a skinny body trophy lol I dunno i am delirious I guess lol

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