Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Is Here... Fall Is Here...

This is my second favorite time of year! My first being winter of course. This is the time of year were my pee smells like pumpkin because, well I have pumpkin juice, coffee, muffins, cake, pies and candy. Yes I eat them all. I am a huge pumpkin fan. There is many other awesome things going on in New England other then peeing pumpkins. We have apple picking, foliage watching (boring,) cider mills and can't forget Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation.
Some of my favorite things about New England in the fall is...
1. If I don't want to be cold well then I can go apple picking during the day in the sun when it is still 75. Or I can go an hour later if I want to snuggle in a sweat shirt because it is New England it will be 55 by then.
2. Almost anything I can get in pumpkin flavor.
3. No more annoying out of state people trying to attempt the drive to the cape.
4. School. Need I saw more on that.
5. Being stared at by out of staters because I am still wearing shorts and tanks while drinking an iced coffee in 60 degree weather.
6. Pumpkin coffee.
7. Halloween and pumpkins.
8. Only needing the ac on In the car half the time, usually in the middle of the day when it is 65.
9. Sam Adams fall beer flavors.
10. Did I mention pumpkin flavored everything, even Sam Adams beer?

I don't think there is a more better time other then winter, my favorite, of course. Do you have anything to add to why fall is so awesome?
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Denise said...

A fellow pumpkin fan! I love it! There's a great pumpkin bread recipe with cream cheese filling that I look forward to making every year. :) I get the weather thing as well, it's a difficult time to know what to wear, but beautiful. Enjoy.

Denise said...

PS My pumpkin bread recipe is on my Tasteful Thursday post tomorrow. :)

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