Sunday, September 18, 2011

How To Deal With People You Don't Like.

I love to do things that make people uncomfortable when I don't like them or they Pi** me off. Which leads them to not like me, not talk to me and usually walk away. I have also had loads of input from my friends and family on this :) I will not give credit to anyone here as I do not want their attack known to anyone on the "outside."

1. When someone is talking to you about something that is completely boring or out of your interest, while looking in their face to listen to this jibber jabber take a finger in your nose (if you want put a tissue on first) and start digging for gold. Trust me they won't talk any longer if at all.

2. When driving (usually over the speed limit here in my town) and someone gets so close to you it is annoying. Slow down, drive 25, roll down the windows and SING LOUD. When you come to a stop where they try and pass you stair them in the face rev your gas like you want to race and then BAM LET THEM GO! Just wave and laugh.

3. When a child you do not know comes up to you at the park and wants you to push them on the swing quietly say, "Sorry kid but I just ate my daughter because she asked the same thing and I am a bit full but will need desert soon so come back." Yea that kid will not come back they are afraid now.

4. When someone takes that last item from the store you were just about to take yourself, cough hard pretend to sneeze wipe that fake sneeze on your hand walk over to their cart stroke that item and say "You are so lucky I wish I got that last one." They will put it back on the shelf then go grab it!

5. When you are at the drive threw and the person behind you is getting so impatient because of the line and it is finally your turn to order slowly order like this, "Ummmmm yea ummmmm hmmm hold on... (30 second pause) Yea ummm I would like some nuggets and ummmm yea ummm what kind of soda do you have? Ok I will take a coke and ummmmmmmm hmmmm oh right I need a kids meal ummmmm what kind? Oh yea right Alora what kind do you want? ummmmm hmmmm she said burger ummmm hmmmmm no onions or wait does that have onions? oh ok yea no onions what else is on that? oh right just leave the cheese and ummmm pickle yea she wants a pickle... " Keep this going as long as possible.

So these are the most import things to do. There is many more I can think of but I will not bother you will that mumbo jumbo. Would you add anything else?

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Cassie said...

These are great!! Thanks for making me laugh tonight. I am a new follower via Say Hi Sunday blog hop.

WarmSunshine said...

That was fun :D

Thanks for linking up with me at the perfect line. Returning the favor via GFC follow :)

LisaWeidknecht said...

LOL, you are passive agressive, just like me. Blessings!!!

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