Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celtic Thunder Concert... Boston's Wang Theater

Can I start off by saying Celtic Thunder is phenomenal! Their voices are powerful, beautiful and genuine! They are all pretty handsome (Even with Damien going to Glee) so they are a site to watch!

Second of all they have a new member of the group since Damien is leaving and he is at the ripe ol' age of 13 and his name is Daniel. OH MY GOODNESS was his voice so pure and amazing! He sang "Some Where Over The Rainbow" last night and I about broke down in the worst tears of my life! He was cute with a wonderful on stage personality! He did some great little scenes one of which he sang "You Got A Friend In Me" with Keith where he mimicked every move Keith made! So adorable! Of course I am a huge fan of George! And the line of the night was me in a weird deep rabbid voice saying to my MIL "I just love him I want to just rub all over his bald head!" I love tall bald men!

The Wang Theater is just spectacular! It is beautiful in every way imaginable! The walls covered in "stories" of fat little cherubs and angels. The seat though for this fatty where way to small! MIL, large male stranger and I got very close to each other to say the least! But there is one thing that got my blood BOILING in this place. Last year when we saw them I stood and sang clapped my hands and just had a wonderful night. I mean it is Celtic Thunder its not like people are going to mosh pit! Well a few groups stood up during "I got Friends In Low Places" and this large OLD woman (who shouldn't be working in a theater) came running down the isles yelling at everyone! Come on its a concert where 90% of the audience is over the age of 70 let them stand up and clap! Everyone sat down so what does this masshole do? Yup me! The very outspoken one. I stand up during the next upbeat song (they do a great job of alternating fast and slow songs) and I start clapping! Well before I know it the whole place is up with me and everyone is singing! I am sure I wasn't the first one standing but I was in my section! Well this drove the old lady with the Mardi Gras beads and flash light crazy! She was legit running well waddling up and down the isle flashing her light! HAHA I was dying laughing, clapping and singing! It was the BEST.

So all in all it was a great night with the MIL and this year no cars drove threw our house (yes that is what happened last year when we were at Celtic Thunder.) Beautiful show as always so thank you Celtic Thunder I tip my hat to you!

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Jamie said...

oooo Celtic Thunder! Awesome. :o)


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