Monday, September 19, 2011

Tie Die Fun... Bad Mom Epic Fail...

My awesome self thought it would be a good idea to take on a tie dye challenge with my kids. Simple right? Hahaha not with my kids. So yea I have never tie dyed in my life, I know terrible childhood right? I was deprived a lot. :) However I was at micheals the other day buying ribbon for bows where I saw two cute little tie dye kits and I have always wanted to tie dye with my babies, and there they were on clearance, and if that wasn't a sign enough, one was pink and yellow the other blue and red both combos are the kids favorites. So I bought them for a buck a pack.

So comes the time to actually do it. Well I take all the right steps with adding water, getting the wet shirts and most importantly doing it somewhere it wont dye crap. So I make my kids sit in the middle of my drive way. Haha mean mom strikes again.

We tie up the shirts rolling twirling all that special stuff which with a four year old this isn't easy because it was "taking to long" yea shut up kid it's been 3 mins. I lay them on the ground and off they go.

5 seconds in the kid is covered in dye! What the heck! Seriously kid? You are gross? No you are is there something special going on with you? I mean common sense look even the four year old is clean! Yup it was the preteen covered in dye. Lovely.

Whatever we move on. Then I realize omg this is dye yes permanent dye and Alora is wearing her new pants! CRAP KID TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF. Oh shoot it is 55 degrees and we are in the drive way and she is in a long tee and undies. Hey it looks like a dress right? Kids are never cold. This didn't phase her as much as it did me. Yup bad mom strikes again.

We finish it all yup and I read the final step wrap your shirt in plastic wrap. Um I didn't see this step so um I don't have that. What house doesn't have that? Ugh bad mom strikes again! Anyway I put them in freezer bags lol. I am sure this will work? Right?

So we go in wash up and the kids move on. This whole project takes 10 mins. I am exhausted and it as the worst ten mins of my life. Really?! Ten minuets?! Ugh.

So we leave it over night it says 6-8 hours or longer for more intense colors. Well it better be intense colors after 15 hours.

EPIC fail... Bad mom strikes again... How hard is tie dye really? It was 35 degrees last night. Look we woke up to frozen shirts! Ugh. But this is what came of them after we pulled them all a part :) Not to bad I guess? Minus they were frozen!

And yea my son NEVER has a shirt on. Ugh Men.

Have you tie dyed and how did it come out? By the way the kids are still pink red and blue

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


One Practical Woman said...

We have never tried to do this craft by I'm sure my kids would come out with multi-coloured hair if we did.
We have tried other crafts that have seemed like a good idea and then right off the bat I realized it was a BAD idea.
Live and learn right ;)

Elizabeth said...

Super cool shirts! I hope to tie dye soon too!

Stopping by from Sunday Funday Hop. I am now a follower, please follow back :)

Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm a new follower and found you on the Monday Monkey hop. Swing over and
say hi if you get a chance Jennifer from Just Wedeminute--

PS We've been wanting to make tie dye shirts too but I keep putting it off due to the mess ;-)

Leila said...

Those turned out great!

I am a new follower from the Whimsical Wednesday hop!

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