Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Third Day No Power

I am a very hard mom there is no denying that. So since we are on day 3 of no power at work (yesterday was a whatever day) I decided these kids are going to work. 
They cleaned out every drawer in their room folded all their clothes organized them and got rid of the ones they don't like or don't fit. Now all the new school clothes are easily found, if school ever starts! 
I had them clean their entire rooms top to bottom. Now I am not talking about when i send them to their rooms and say clean it and they just throw everything in their buckets. Nope I dumped everything on the floors and said find it the right home. They did that for almost 2 hours. 
I gave them rags with some windex on them turned on the battery operated cd player and blared Annie's musical sound track told them they are orphans  and cleaning the orphanage. Surprisingly they loved it! Kids always love using imagination :) they sang and scrubbed in harmony! 
Now we are, well they are outside as I sit and watch taking all the branches, trees and debris that is all over the yard and making a HUGE pile because I promised them we would find sticks and make smores. This bribery again worked. 
No power on day three thing isn't so bad considering I  have 5 children all 11 and under. They are singing dancing and laughing while doing chores. After our pizza arrives (hey no food or stoves to cook I am entitled to pizza and Mac and cheese bites lol) I am sure they will be exhausted and they will all sit down with books and I will cuddle with the two babies and read the nook to them. 
I dont think I am a evil mom, just a lazy one I guess lol. But what is the sense of me doing everything when I have all the kids? No no don't worry I will serve the food and make sure there is enough toilet paper. Oh and yea I helped them organize I'm not that bad? 
So is anyone else on the east coast with out power in day three? What are you doing to keep the kids quiet? 

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

I think it's great you make the kids do some work. I'm just beginning to learn to delegate myself, and I love it!! Hope you have power soon!

I'm a new follower from the Hump Day blog hop. Nice to meet you! Hope you can stop by and visit. :)

Roller Coaster

Oriana from Mommyhood's Diary said...

Hi...Sorry about your power problem. Great blog! Newest follower from the hop. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

We were without power for 2 days. It was rather freeing really. I am glad that it is back on and I hope yours is too.

Mrs B

Material Girl Green said...

3 days without power... I would not be able to handle that! I went 39 hours and that was too much for me! I also don't think you are a mean mom, putting your kids to work is a good thing! I'm a new follower from the Welcome Wednesday hop! Check me out and follow back at

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