Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tax Free Weekend Yaahoo!

In Massachusetts this weekend it was tax free weekend. I thought that it would be a good idea if I went out shopping. Now don't get me wrong being able to go out and buy my dog food, cat food, deodorant, razors all tax free is pretty awesome. Especially considering the tax in Massachusetts is 6.25%.

On tax free weekend Best Buy likes to do smart things like put a laptop on sale for $249 or give free financing on iPads. This all just leads to an extremely crowded store where you can't walk and very angry customers because for some reason they think that they are better than the rest of the world and don't have to wait. They also decided to show up at Best Buy at two o'clock in the afternoon thinking that there's actually going to be one of those $249 laptops still available, not so.

I wandered right over to the E readers because I decided on Saturday morning that I was wanted a nook color. I arrived at Best Buy to find not one single e-reader working. I waited to find a person in a blue shirt. To find a person in a blue shirt was probably impossible. Me being me however with my big mouth I found somebody in a blue shirt. I explained the situation that I just wanted to play with the reader to feel it out and later that day I was going to go to my fathers house and order it online because well of course I'm going to use daddy's credit card. He informed me about the lovely children that were running around that morning deciding to break them all by ripping the batteries out of the back. He was not very happy. And come to think of it neither am I what bratty disrespectful kids.

So at this point I was pretty teed off that I went all the way to Best Buy, which is actually only .4 miles from my house, to actually not be able to do what I wanted to do. So I wandered over to the iPad. Big mistake.

Of course I didn't have daddy's credit card so I walked out with nothing which I knew I was going to do in the first place, but walked out knowing I want an iPad. So I headed to dad's house where of course I had upped the credit limit on the credit card and tell him about all the great deals that I found. So he thought it would be a great idea to make plans with me to bring him to Best Buy the next day. I went on his computer and of course I ordered an iPad to which is probably the best investment I've ever made.

So this brings me to Sunday morning. Every Sunday I spend it with my dad. I picked him up and he wanted to be one of those crazy people that thinks the $249 laptop is still going to be available at noon. He is not however one of those crazy people that'll go all insane if the laptops not there. My dad is wheelchair-bound but can walk short distances with his walker if that makes any sense so we packed up his walker that you can also sit on and grabbed a handicap sticker and headed out to Best Buy.

We got there with all intentions of just getting my mom her laptop and buying her vacuum. We ended up with much more. Anyway that's off subject so we got a guy with a blue shirt which is much easier finding now that I have a handicapped person, and helped us with the laptop. My dad didn't get mad at all that there was no $249 laptops let left especially since he scored a wicked good deal on a $530 laptop which I talk down to $330 pretty awesome, I pretty much kick arse.

So this leads me to my advice for tax free weekend, go with a good attitude, don't expect somebody in a blue shirt to help you, especially don't expect to get a parking spot unless you're handicapped, and definitely do not go with intentions of scoring that $249 laptop deal. And you probably shouldn't make any rash decisions on buying an iPad, because that's what I did, actually it's probably the best rash decision I ever made scratch that statement.

Oh and to mention my post on what not to let your kids do in public I just want to add to not let your kids be rude and weave in and out of people and go in front of the man with a walker that can't move fast, hear, see good and also not paying attention to someones kid that doesn't even reach his knees because he thinks that every parent should actually watch their children. Because in the long run your kids going to get run over, and if you pretend not to speak English to me, because let's face it you live in America, I will still flip out on you. Hey I love living in my land of butterflies and rainbows but if you mess with my dad on tax free weekend and you mess with the ipad I got I'll say something.

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

woo hoo for your IPad AND for a tax free weekend. I love my IPad and I KNOW you will too.

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Jessyca said...

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Have a great rest of the week. :)

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