Monday, August 22, 2011

Driving In Mass... Get The Heck Out Of My Way...

Let me just start off by letting you all know that I am the best driver ever, I do nothing wrong, I am the only one who knows how to drive and I have a Masshole license.
Got it? Good.

Now I went to the Cape (Cape Cod) this weekend for a beautiful family wedding. Congrats Corinne and Steve. The traffic was typical of annoying can't drive out of staters,and well I took it in stride. But let me just give you a little advice on driving in Mass in general not just the Cape.
So first thing first if you don't drive at the least 80mph on route 3 south move over to the right lane and DON'T come in our left lane for anything ok?
Do not what so ever try and come to the Cape during rush hours we do not like that, as well as the fact it is a war zone. If you dont know how to weave, beep, flip a finger or two then don't move unless it is after rush hours we are brutal because we want to get home and you are just in our way.
If you are trying to get into a parking spot in the city you better make 110% sure no one has "saved" their spot. Spots can be saved with anything from chairs, shoes, cones, old broken bikes or the homeless man who took a bottle of mouth wash and $10 to stand there. Your tires will most likely be missing when you get back, either by the spot saver or the homeless man.
When you reach a rotary do not panic if you do go home. You can get some rotary advice from Robin over at Masshole Mommy here.
If you are driving to Fenway Park plain and simple DO NOT. Get on our lovely clean fast public transportation called simply "The T." HAHA never mind I take that back save the $30 you need to park and drive in but heed all warnings above.
So simply please just either don't drive here or save your money and get driving lessons by the lady on the corner of the projects in Southie.
Oh and enjoy this pretty state rich in history it truly is beautiful.

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


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