Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I will start off with we are all ok and we have just minimal damage to our things.
Hurricane Irene hit us today, packing 70+mph winds at the beach where my dad lives. It is Sunday so I am always with my dad anyway but I had to go stay with him incase there was an evacuation or problems with the house. There isn't much to report thank god.

This is the main road linking my town to my dads town and you usually have to spend 10 minuets of your life waiting to get through this short strip. As you can see however there is no one but me and two other crazy people!

After discovering my favorite coffee shop was indeed open I headed to dads on the beach. The first casualty before the storm even hit hard was the porta potty rolling around. YUCK.

The storm started and with in and hour we had a tree on the shed. You can not tell but the back side of the shed took the brunt of it.

Then the fence.

Then the trees at the field.

Then the pool started peeling.

Last you can't tell so much in this pic but, it use to be filled with trees now it it a wide open hole because the trees and the hill feel down the side. I couldn't get a shot of all the debris because it wasn't safe going over there with the falling trees and the peeling pool.

So that's about it. And what I find most funny about it all is that with all the trees, the pool peeling etc my mom's tiki torches stayed up! heehee.
It was a usual fun day with dad and I think we were the only ones with 75mph winds who didn't lose power. I booked my trip to Vegas and made a big chicken dinner for dad robert and I.
I pray everyone else up the east coast is ok. From the news reports it could have been worse. Thank god.

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Tina Peterson said...

Wow - I work at Carlson Reservations and we keep getting calls for hotel rooms. It's finally starting to calm down. I hope you are all safe & sound. Thanks for updating us!

I'm following you and would love a follow back if you're interested. =D

Tina "The Book lady"

Tina Peterson said...

Hi - how do we follow you? Your GFC isn't coming up. Course, I'm using a borrowed computer so maybe it's not working on this one? Let me know & I'll come back.

Tina "The Book lady"

Aspiring New Moms said...

Hi! I am following you back via the Blog Hop. I am so glad the hurricane was not as bad as predicted. Our thoughts are with you! Thank you for sharing your pictures. I look forward to following your adventures. Your planking post made me laugh out loud. Have a great day!

Denise McDonough said...

Tina I'm not sure what's.going. on with gfc I still have no power due to the hurricane but as soon as j do ill look into it as well as follow back :) I'm sorry but there is only so much I can do with my cell lol

Greta said...

Wow. I'm glad that you're ok! I'm a new follower from the friend connect, too.

If the GFC widget isn't showing, there's a test link in the upper left hand corner that says "follow." It will work.

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