Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parents who can't function? PLEASE

Mommies, it is OK to let your kids eat cereal for dinner. It is ok to spend a day in front of the tv with NO WHERE to go and NOTHING to do. It is ok to stay in your pjs on a Sunday read a book while your kids play by themselves in their rooms or in the play room.
Lets face it all you moms out there who CLAIM they never take their eyes off their kids and they can't shower and they can't eat and they can't even poop (mind you the usually only have one kid) doesn't realize, OMG CRAPS GOING TO HAPPEN. I never missed a day of showering because I was to wrapped up in my kids. PALEASE put your 1 month old down in his/her crib if he/she screams oh well he isn't hungry, hurt, dirty or sad, he is a baby babies cry. Ok so what about the 10month old learning to walk putting everything in their mouth. Ok what do they make play pens for? To look good? NO again nothing wrong with putting your kid infront of a tv playing bubble guppies with a few toys in a play pen. OK OK the 3 year old who still likes to eat the dog food? 1. the dog food won't kill her and 2. bring her in the bathroom sit her on the floor give her a ice cream cone or toy and shower. Stop making excuses. I have 5 kids all day long and I still have time to eat drink and be merry.
On to the next thing Mom's can't function food Shopping. Ok this REALLY bothers me. First of all I have never given these children and option I get dressed every day these kids get dressed every day and they go with me EVERYWHERE they have learned crying gets them nothing. Put them in a buggy strap them in and go get your chicken for tonight's dinner. They scream ignore it. You get dirty looks WHO CARES like their "perfect" children never did it before. Please stop complaining life is SOOOO hard to function when you have kids. Maybe you should have thought about it all before hand.
All these amazing moms I know and follow on facebook from the crafters to the home sellers to the self help groups they all do these amazing things while raising their children and they NEVER complain it is to hard.
It just really bugs me I have a special 11 year old a 9 year old a 6 year old and two 3 year olds and sorry that's my way of life I think after 11 years I am doing very well...

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

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JJ Maner Stuffies said...

I think most people say these things thinking they have to live up to some sitcom ideal. Most moms I know learn to deal and get on with their lives, unless they are trying to play the "poor overworked mother" card. Which is not to say that a shower without an ear on the kids, or a trip to the store without a juggling act to keep the groceries in the cart and the kids at a reasonable distance wouldn't be nice. But let me tell you something. I did lose one of my kids, and I try to never ever take what I have for granted again. This last year has taught me that there is such a thing as too much quiet and the peace I used to want so much- it's overrated!

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