Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harry Potter and My 3 year old... Oh read before you judge people...

I am here thinking tomorrow I shall recieve my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 via UPS to my bosses home (because lets face it my boss is amazing and bought it for me) and I am completly and utterly excited to snuggle up later tomorrow and watch it with my kids. I have been critisized SOOO much for this. Yes I let my 3 year old watch death and dispear on the big screen. Now before you judge my parenting skills lets talk about WHY I let her watch Harry Potter.
Two years ago preparing for Harry Potter 6 midnight premier my son and I were watching all 5 previous movies. Alora at the time was just under 2. She walked into the basement and looked at the tv and sat down and instantly started watching. I thought "hmm she is a bit to young for this but then again she has never been afraid of anything and honestly what will she understand from this?" Well she watched Harry ALL day with us. The next day in her half gibberish half English (mind you she was 2) told everyone about "Hawwy Pooter love me I love him." over the next few months her life became Harry Potter. Posters she cried for to hang in her room. 6 months later was Christmas she was sooo scared all of a sudden of Santa. Well she cried and cried that Harry was magic and HE was coming to our house with the gifts. Ok well we gave in and Harry came that Christmas. She is STILL in love with Harry and watches it all the time. Well this last movie if you have seen it is very graphic lots of death and lots of unhappy things. Everyone told me I should not let her see it and I sort of agreed. I brought my son to the midnight premier as I always have and he was even a bit uneasy about it but as he explained it to me "I love it mom its my passion" and I realized its Alora's passion as well. I decided to bring her to the movies the following Monday in the middle of the day when I knew not many people would be there and I could talk her threw the movie and all the scary parts. Well my 3 year old sat threw the entire movie telling ME what was going to happen.
I know this movie is rated PG-13 but when you have a 3 year old who is soooo passionate about something who knows the ins and outs of this thing how can you not give her that little bit of happiness. Yes most of you disagree till you are blue in the face that I should not let her see it but come on. I am her mom and I think she can deal and I was right.
Now this is my opinion coming next but I think parents these days shelter their children WAY to much. They hide them from every day sadness so they don't have to face reality. Yes I believe in sheltering my children from horrible things however my 3 year old has to look and see her brother on his bad days. How am I going to cover up those fits? I can't.
I don't think I should bring my kids to a funeral and say see this is what happens in life. No I am not that bad. But why do parents shelter their children way to much these days? I am not bringing my children to rated R movies or letting them watch naked people on tv. But I will never deny my children something they are so passionate about.
Alora Loves skulls dresses and Harry Potter. Robert loves bones, history and presidents. Why would I not follow their love and dreams?
Next time you want to hide something from their children remember they know you are hiding something. They feel your sadness and your worries. Do you really want them to be sick over thinking about you? That I would never want my children to worry about. Ok my rant is over :)

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

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