Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tail Waggin Barkery... A #1 hit with Louise!

 So it is no question I love Louise probably more then most people I know :) So it comes as no surprise to anyone that I give her birthday cakes home made cookies and anything else I can find her special. I came across Tail Waggin Barkery when I was entering another give away... It is very hard to find home made dog things on facebook and even harder to find people who review and tell the truth about their stuff.... I asked her after I got some of the Doggy Brownies if I could write a review here on my new blog she was very nice and said yes :) So I was excited! So for all you animal owners here you are...

Louise is a VERY picky Basset hound. She will not eat any food but Benaful and will not eat any of them but a certain shiny coat one... She REFUSES to eat any sort of bone or treat if it is hard even the slightest... She basically sticks to bacon strips and half cooked peanut butter dog cookies (I can only cook half way because if they are two hard she will NOT eat them.) So when i saw the picture of the brownies on her page I thought hmmmm I wonder.... 1. Are they hard? and 2. Will Louise even look at them? Well why not give it a shot...

I got her brownies in about a week after ordering. She was VERY nice to work with and gave me instruction on how they are fine to travel just refrigerate asap... OH NO there is problem one! Louise she doesn't eat anything that is in the fridge because well it gets a little hard and cold. Ok well alright we shall see... So i listened of course :) we got the brownies and put them in the fridge... I forgot about them until that night (not that she would have got one before dinner any way) But I opened the package and WOW they smelled SOOOOOOOO good I think even a human would want them!!!! The frosting was still moist even after traveling and the brownies just as moist! And yes they are frosted brownies :) I gave one to Louise kind of worried she would sniff and walk away... She sniffed and sniffed then licked... Then DEVOURED! it in about 2 bites! OH MY I thought my picky lazy basset actually likes something?!

All in all she has wonderful  prices on all your barkery needs :) She has brownies and cookies even clothes and such :) it is a cute little place on face book that I am so happy to have found. Now if I can start convincing her to make a birthday cake :)

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

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