Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweetie Pie Couture and her AMAZING bows...

I am in LOVE with Sweetie Pie Couture. She is by far my favorite bows I have received  in the past few weeks. She has the most wonderful attitude with her customers, and I can picture her smiling behind the computer screen. She does amazing work as well. I love big bows always have and when I heard I was having a little girl the first thing I thought was "OH how will I torture her with bows?"  (mean mommy thoughts lol) Miss Alora was born hairless and had NO HAIR practically till about 3 years old. Well in the last year her hair has gone half way down her back well IT IS BOW TIME!!! I was so excited to have received a gift certificate and I quickly messaged her I wanted her Cowboys Bow and Red Sox bows SOOOOOO bad. I ended up getting them and a "Lil Sis" and "Country Girl" bow. I knew the Sox and Cowboy ones would be big as I asked her to make the biggest she could, but when I got them BOY were they HUGE my dream of torture had come true lol. Needless to say it isn't torture at all for my little prim and proper bow loving fancy 3 year old :) She wanted to wear her Red Sox one right away.

Alora-Sara has very fine hair so I was a bit worried on how well it would hold in her hair. So I pulled it back in a half pony and clipped in the bow. It held amazingly well! She pranced around the house with everyone telling her how beautiful they were! Next up she wanted to wear her "Country Girl" bow (pictured below) this one is not as large at the Cowboy and Red Sox ones but beautiful just the same. She wore it all day at breakfast with her Kristen and in the mall. Many complements were give to her and her bow and of course she giggled and smiled at everyone who told her she was beautiful.

The colors are AWESOME right on with the Sox and Cowboy bows. The other two I got same with colors they all flow nicely and there are many outfit options for them. They stay nice and tight in her thin hair and she is in love with them.
I love her work so much I just recently ordered a pair of her bow flip flops in Red Sox of course and can not wait to see a picture of them!
Her turn around time for making and shipping is very reasonable and her thank you's and enjoys are never ending. She can make almost anything you ask for but of course I recommend the Red Sox ones :)

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

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Sweetie Pie Couture said...

Thanks so much! I would love to extend a 10% off your next purchase coupon to all your followers! Be sure to let me know you are a follower when you order!

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