Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Story...

I want to start off by letting you all know where and what I come from. I Live in a town about 15 mins From Boston. I live with my Husband a very Irish Kieren, My Son Robert Joel, My Daughter Alora-Sara Jamie and My Basset Hound Louise. Nanny of 3 you ask? Where does that come from? Well that is what I do :) I am a nanny to 3 wonderful Children ages 9, 6 and 3.

My Husband is a mail man we have been married 3 years and no he is not my son's "father" but in every way his Daddy. We met at a local store and have been in love since day one. We got married Friday the 13th June 2008. He loves wrestling video games the kids and me of course :)

My son came when I was 17 years old. I was a junior in high school and scared crapless. He is now a very smart loving caring full hearted 11 year old boy who love's history and wants to be a senator. He loves building legos stealing soda from the fridge and spending time with his sister. He is truly an AMAZING boy.

I went on to finish highschool and go onto EMT school where I then worked as a EMT for years to come. I left there which leads me to the next stage of my life my "real" job.

 I call this my real job because I could never ever imagine life without this family. I have been with them for 7 years now and get more and more happy as the days go by.

My boss and I got pregnant within 5 weeks of each other and 9 months later the Babies came. Mine first theirs second. Now I am up to 5 children :) ages 11, 9, 6 and two 3 year olds and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My Alora-Sara is 3 and 1/2 and she is in LOVE with Harry Potter, Dance Class and School. She attends a preschool two mornings a week where she has become an explorer and such a Tom boy (Not that Harry Potter helped lol) She loves Black and Red with Skull tutu's and her friends.

Next came the dog I have always wanted. Why am I mentioning her you ask? Well she is my 6th baby :) She is a Basset named Louise. She sleeps with us every night and travels everywhere. She loves car rides pizza chips and me :)  She is a Blessing.

So now me? I am Denise I grew up in a Small town south of Boston called Weymouth. Yes where Abigail Adams was born :) I love children (clearly) animals, the undertaker (yes wrestling) and most importantly I suffer from sever depression with Bi-Polar tendencies. NOW NOW before you think I ain't reading this crazy ladies blog!? Remember there are millions who suffer from this terrible condition. I am just one who wants to make a difference and help moms who suffer.

So why am I starting a blog? To vent? To give my experiences as a 11 year mom? To give my opinion on products? To give advice on animals (because lets face it not many mom/dog blogs out there)? Or just to help the world one Mommy at time? All of it is true actually! I hope I can keep up with this blog with all I have going on. But I have Faith in me and all of you who want to read it.

Thank you All.


Apryl said...

Ahh a South Shore gal! I grew up in Holbrook, moved to Hanover, then Hull, now Abington. Haha. I am a chairperson for the Weymouth Relay and hung out with all Braintree peeps in high school. You and I probably share a lot of mutual friends. Got to love the interwebz ;-)

Denise McD said...

OH how fun! lol yup gotta love it! I am in Braintree now UGH lol I like it great schools for the kids but I wish I could move further south I would love Marshfield Kingston area... So great to meet you!!!!! so you have a blog?

Joyful Grandma said...

Oh, my! I was born in Weymouth! I'm a southerner now - NC!

Trollemor said...

I am glad i "stumbled" upon your blog!
I am allso a mother, from Norway and I have a younger sister with bi polar and a younger brother with Asberger. And they are both WONDERFULL!!
The world needs uniqe and special people :)

Denise McD said...

@trollemor! Thank you so much! It is a struggle what I go threw today actually happens to be a bad day I was fine this afternoon got up brought the dog to the pet shop for a bath with the kids had some fun came hom a few hours later put on my pjs at 3pm and now I am sitting here... I dont want to leave I am happy...
It is weird how life is :) But you are right I am special and unique and so blessed to have people like you to remind me that it is ok sometimes :)
Thank you for stumbling me :)

Denise McD said...

@joyful grandma! That is great! south shore has my heart! I could never move anywhere!!! hope you are enjoying the southern living :)

Kim said...

Love your blog, I'm in Mansfield!! Glad to find another MassBlogger on here!

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