Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Jack Blankets

Another review for you fellow friends :) So I received a Baby Jack Blanket and I was thinking "Oh a regular taggie blanket for my new nephew coming any min :)" So I was pretty excited for it to arrive. My family is very Irish and BOY WAS I EXCITED when I got it in the mail and it was a shamrock one! Of course it was right at St Patties day but still! For my little Baby Bailey coming soon it was perfect! I did get a picture of just the front and I fell in love before I even got it because 1. the shamrocks 2. I love taggie Blankets and 3. She is a wonderful person to work with, with wonderful customer service! I received my Baby Jack Blanket in about a week and half. I opened it and I thought it was fleece. BOY WAS I WRONG it is a nice chenille fabric with the pattern on one side and that adorable bubble chenille on the back! There is 5 different tags on it all feel and look different which is number one in my book. My son LOVED his taggie when he was little and LOVED the feeling of all different tags! It's really important for babies to have different feelings to touch. This is a smaller one perfect for a snuggle at night or to lay near him in his cradle (when he finally comes) and small enough that he can carry for a long time as his "special" take along if that be the case. Her prices are reasonable for the sizes and quality of her work, and I was ecstatic to get a coupon with my blanket for a future purchase! Taggies are one of the most popular baby gift given at a baby shower, to me having a hand made one means more then something in the store. You can chose the fabric and patterns and she works her magic! All in all I can not wait for my nephew to finally get here and to give him all the gifts I have waiting for him and this one will be the first in his cradle at the hospital :) thank you Baby Jack Blankets :)
Much Thoughts For All Denise <3

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