Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WWE Wrestling. Yes I Love It.

I decided last minuet yesterday that I thought Mail Man husband and I needed a date night. Now Hmmm we have $15 in our checking account CRAP (yup I am that poor.) So when all else fails you ask the MIL. Of course she offered as long as I post dated her a check (Hey we will have a load of monies when we are paid lol.) I got online and got an amazing deal on GREAT seats. Now when I say great seats I mean we were on national television the ENTIRE time, and well if you could not see my face you could totally see my boobs. Thank you god for DDD's ugh. (Sorry for the bad picture quality I stole them from Youtube)

So as most of you know I live right outside of Boston. So getting in to the "GAHDEN" is no problem. The $30 parking is ridicules but worth it so you don't have to sit on the nasty hot red line. We picked up our tickets and met up with a friend at the Fours which is just an amazing bar and restaurant in Boston. Then we headed on over to the show.
We walked in and walked to our section then we started walking down, down, closer to the floor, down and down some more. Um Mail Man husband we are 6 rows from the friggen ring! I was so excited! Like couldn't breath excited!
They had a "Dark Match" which was no one I heard of then a Super Star Match with Santino Marella who I love when he does his little duck hand (yea not sure what WWE world calls it.) It was awesome! I must say they are much larger on TV but must faster and way more loud in person!
I am hard of hearing we all know that and oh my gosh three times I jumped 10 feet and almost peed with how loud the pyrotechnics were!
Then all of a sudden they went LIVE. First out was CM Punk. Oh man he is way cuter in person! They all were cuter in person! I saw all my favorites.
CM Punk
The Miz
Evan Bourn
It was the most amazing date night I have ever had with Mail Man. We needed it as we have both been on edge.
So just a little advice since I guess I am cool like that and think people like to listen to me :) Even if it seems impossible try and have some sort of date night with your husband. Even if it is setting up a tent in the living room and watching a game (yup we did that once heehee)
Now it is 95 degrees with 73% humidity I am going to go with the central air and sit in front of a fan.

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


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LOL. Hoooow cool! You two are precious.
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Mama Spaghetti said...

Lol. You are too funny. Love that you included the picture "my boobs."

my family said...

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Denise McDonough said...

thank you everyone :)
and yes Mama S of course I had to include that! lol thats me!!! lol

Jenny at dapperhouse said...

Im glad that you got the chance to go someplace exciting with your honey. And to be SO CLOSE is AWESOME for you guys!
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Looks like you had a well deserved great time !

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