Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Happy Day in Denise Land

Robert and I of course went to the midnight premier of Harry Potter. Let me say this first, it was a beautiful, emotional, a great ending to an amazing series. The night spent with my son was even more wonderful.
So before that all started, I wanted to share what we spent the day doing. We made Harry Potter cookies and Chocolate frogs. I have mastered the art of chocolate frog making. All 5 children and I had a wonderful time of baking, decorating and frog making for 8 hours! I really enjoyed sharing something so awesome with the little ones since they could not attended the midnight premier.

The cookies were just box cookies. I am an amazing baker. I usually make everything from scratch but I just wanted to bake and start decorating and have fun. Anyway we used the dry mix and added the butter and eggs. I always bake my cookies 15 degrees lower then the directions say and shave about 4 mins off so they stay gooey!
I got white frosting and the colored writing frosting (black, red and green.) I bought a sheet of this awesome sugar frosting that you can cut (not fondant.) We just had fun. I made Harry, Voldemort, Bellatrix and Ron. The kids made blobs that were suppose to be the same.
While making the cookies I was slowing pouring and freezing chocolate frogs.
Everyone loves my chocolate frogs, and they were a HUGE hit this year with all the kids and people sitting with us in the theater (there were about 15 of us in our section that were there early.) Usually we do not share our chocolate frogs but I made 6 dozen so Robert wanted to! He is such a caring kid.
These are SUPER easy to make and very cheap! The molds are around $2 at the craft store. I already had these from previous midnight premiers. I buy the melting chocolate at the craft store as well, we love the dark mint, then a jar of Nutella (that is the secret!) So you take the wafers of chocolate melt them (follow their directions) then take a spoonful of Nutella and mix it in with the hot melted chocolate. Pour in the molds, put in the freezer for 5 mins and BAM you have awesome little frogs! YUMMY ones too!
So that was our fun day! Then the real fun came! I tried to sleep after getting home at 5pm, of course Alora-Sara wanted me to stay awake. So between Alora and Louise climbing all over me I think I maybe had a 45 min nap (thanks mail man for the help.) So I got out of bed around 8pm farted around then got Robert ready and we headed out around 930ish and got to the theater at 945. Last year we had to wait in line outside the theater for 2 hours! This year they let us in. Anywho while waiting I made Robert plank.

Planking is our new guilty pleasure! (Post on planking coming soon.)

At one point waiting for the movie to start (we were in our seats for two and a half hours waiting) I caught myself looking at Robert and I realized, though he maybe 11 years old his face is still so baby looking, to me at the very least. He is so beautiful to me. So wonderful no matter what he does, and is just perfect in every way. His brown eyes were so wide waiting for HP to start. His smile was infectious! It is a prefect day and night.

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Patricia said...

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Patricia said...

I am following FNFW blog hop from two blogs so here I am again. Still following.
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The Miller's said...

Aw! I love the little froggys & cookies! It all looks so yummy and fun!


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