Monday, June 13, 2011

Uno's Bar and Grill... YUMMY Birthday Dinner!

I want to thank the Staff, Management and Corporate offices of Uno's Braintree, MA for giving me the opportunity to write this review.

I wanted to find a fun, exciting yet not to busy place, with good food music and drinks to go to for my birthday. I spoke with Marybeth who informed me Braintree Uno’s would love it if I could come there for my celebration and write a review of all they have to offer. I was very excited about this as my husband and I love our food and dinning out.

Uno’s Braintree is conveniently located outside the South Shore Plaza which is great because there is no battling the shoppers just to walk through. They have their own parking lot as well! Upon arriving I noticed how beautiful and clean cut the front was. With new trees planted, new landscape and a nice bright sign incase you miss the building. It was very clean outside as well. We parked and headed in, where the inside was just as clean as the outside. They had a basket of apples and a cute pitcher filled with a lemonade ice tea combo for sampling. Nice and refreshing way to stay the summer!

The place was not packed, but not empty. There were many patrons enjoying their food. We headed to the left to the Lounge. Again not packed, but not empty. We found a nice seat that comfortably fit all 5 of us. Our lovely waiter Jon took no time at all to helping us (even though he had quite a few tables) and taking our drink orders and handing us menus.

All of us being of age, some of us chose to have alcohol. I tried the shakers choice of the night. Via Con “Tequila.” It took him no time at all to get our drinks from the bar. Mine was surprising GOOD. A nice refreshing drink with a hint of lemon, a bit sweet, and just a subtle taste of the tequila. Jon then took our order, we receive one of everything off their “Snack Hour” menu.

“Snack Hour” is amazing! By far the best I know around. It is every day from 4-7 pm and then again 10-Close. Almost all of their regular appetizers are on this menu and it is small portions ranging from $1.99 to $2.99. Now that it is almost summer time we had the chance to get the Lobster Slider as well! So they are always changing their choices!

The first thing that stuck out to all of us was the Buffalo Wings, Buffalo Bites and the Crispy Cheese Dippers, because the amount for only $2.99 is great! Six HUGE pieces of bites, six very meaty bones and again, six large cheese sticks. I am not a fan of spicy at all so I asked if they would tone down the sauce when preparing. They came out and boy were they yummy! They were served with a nice fresh chilly Blue Cheese dressing and fresh carrots and celery! If you do not like spicy I would not recommend them, as I could only tolerate one or two. With the boys however they were a HIT.

Other spicy things include the Slider Burger which is a mini cheese burger with their special house sauce and Buffalo Cheddar Cheese, and Jon’s (our waiter) favorite the Buffalo Quesadilla. All of which again, the great price of $2.99. The Quesadilla was large enough to be a full meal! It was good with fresh tomatoes, onions and cheese. The burger slider was ok. I like my meat on the raw medium side and they only cook them medium well, but it was good again even with that kick of spice.

They have a couple mini pizza options as well. Also all $2.99. From the deep dish cheese to the flat bread pepperoni. Enough for one person to enjoy a nice bar snack while catching a game,which is easy to do since they had 7 TV’s all playing either sports or the news. What else goes with Pizza and Beer other then a good Sox game?

The Avocado Egg Rolls, Shrimp and Crab Fun-Doo and Pizza Skins are my favorite out of all this selection. I feel as if I did not have the Tamarind Cashew dip with the Avocado Egg roll I might not have liked it as much. The Pizza Skins as our waiter informed us is of course a classical favorite, I like mine with extra sour cream! I mean who ever dreamed up the mash potato, cheese and bacon combination is just the smarted person I know! The Shrimp and Crab Fun-Doo though that stole my tummy! Creamy, sea salty, fresh herb wonderful! There was many pieces of shrimp and crab as well! Plenty of chips to share with all my friends!

Most of the food we loved. There was only a few in which we questioned like the Home-Made-Guacomole Dip and chips, which just seamed like this is not what we would want as a tummy filling option. And the steak on a stick could have used a little salt, but again that was probably our fault as we forgot to dip it in the house made sauce!

All the food was served on bright colored plates which just went with the relaxing lounge area. The glasses were tall and cold for soda or beer. And the mixed drinks were to die for.
The deserts though are in a world of their own! I have never been to a chain restaurant that had such wonderful delicious deserts! Just thinking about them right now makes me want to run back and get another big dish cookie! We tried the Mini’s and I was begging for more!

They are: The Deep Cookie, Banana Foster, All American, Brownie Bowl and a Peanut Butter Cup. All topped with a scoop of nice fresh creamy vanilla ice cream! Who wouldn’t want that after a day at the beach? I got a taste of everything! There was just something about those macadamia nuts and soft cookie in a skillet that just stole my taste buds! I am a big Banana Foster fan too but this this was unbelievable. The All American is a nice Apple Crisp warm and fresh. The peanut butter cup is a little more chocolate then peanut butter but still good. Brownie was very warm and yummy. Again though it brings me back to the deep dish cookie! Please end your night at Uno’s with this favorite!

Uno’s is extremely wonderful to eat late. If you want a fast sit down, Carry Out (they have that,) a nice sit down meal or a fun night at the bar with snacks this is a place worth checking out. Snacks for no more than $2.99 and tall beers for $2.89 how can you go wrong? The wait staff was unbelievable in caring for the entire lounge area and always willing to please. We never had to wait for something or remind him we needed something. With a low bill and great music how else would I want to spend a Friday night birthday? If you have not yet been to Uno’s please make it a stop on your summer travels this year! Your wallet and tummy will thank you!.

Thank you Uno’s for your amazing staff and amazing food!

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


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