Friday, June 17, 2011

Bullying In This Day And Age... I Believe I Raised A Wonderful Child...

There is no denying that bullying is at an all time high. Obviously by now you might know I am from Mass, and the Phoebe Prince story which touched so many across the world is a story written here in Mass, which should have never been written in the first place.
There are millions of children all around the world that are picked on, treated badly, beaten up or just plain old left out of everything. It is a sad world today. There is no peace even in elementary school.
Dumbledore said to Nevile "There are all kinds of courage, It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends."
He is right. No matter who they are to you, you need to do the right thing. Sometimes with a heavy heart. To me this also means never ever stand alone. Treat people as you would want to be treated. Help everyone. Love everyone. Be there for everyone. No matter how they hurt you, turn, smile and show them your courage and forgiveness. Neville forgave his friend Hermoine for turning him into stone. After he stood up for what he believed.
So here I am posting about bullying. We have all heard it before yes. But this is something different. I want to share a story that Mr. Reardon (my son's principle)shared with all us parents.
There was a child on the first day of school who came to him and said "Mr Reardon I am going to work my hardest on winning an award. I want a trophy!" That child worked all year for his trophy. He helped the special needs children on and off the bus. Helped the sports kids clean up their soccer balls. Showed a new student to their locker room and around school all day. Helped the secretary clean her office. Helped the principle himself do many things. Helped the lunch ladies and the janitor. Helped teachers and the nurse. Always had a smile for everyone no matter how much he was picked on or left out. He earned the Jack Wyatt Kindness Award.
That child was my son. My beautiful handsome wonderful caring son Robert.
In a day when children are mean he shined through all the bad words, shoving and jokes. He gave everyone he saw a smile, hello and a hand. His name will forever be in the case at school for all those to see. When his sister goes there I hope she shows and shares her brothers story. This is a story to be shared.
I normally do not pat myself on the back, I actually don't find my mothering that much of a deal. However I raised this little man. I made him who he is. And I am very VERY proud of what he received and EARNED.
Maybe some of those bullies should listen to this smiling child.

Much Thoughts For All Denise <3


Mama Spaghetti said...

Congratulations to you both; that is a great story!

And, do tell: What's your secret?? I think a lot about what I want/don't want to do in raising my son (he's only one), so I always like to hear from people who've had success. Any advice?

Mom Daughter Style said...

he is indeed wonderful!

im late but im stopping by from a blog hop. already your follower

NC Sue said...

Following from the hop!
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Denise McD said...

Your kind words are so wonderful :) thank you..
And MAMA S... Honestly I do not know how I raised such an amazing boy! lol... I do know this most parents 90% do NOT agree with my mothering at all. However their children didn't receive a trophy! (haha had to be mean for a min lol)
When looking and raising my children I tend to think of how I was raised. I was sheltered from nothing.
I try to instill in my children it is their freedom of choice to do what they will with their lives. My children watch movies they want (obviously not terrible ones)But take my daughter so example when she was two she walked in on my son and I watching Harry Potter she instantly fell in love. for the last two years her nursery has transformed into a hogwarts castle. it is her passion and I embrace that even tho most of the movies are violent in a magical way I do not take away her passion.
My son he is at an age where they started D.A.R.E and also had "the talk" class. He knows about drugs and alcohol about puberty and a little about where babies come from. I made sure he took part in those classes because today in age children need to know drug addicts are getting younger and younger teen moms are turning into PRE teen moms. I want to make sure my son knows right from wrong. All his friends have boyfriends and girlfriends and all he wants is to study on his flute and middle school! He is caring because he is aware of what is wrong in this world. Because I have never sheltered my children from anything. I feel as if you shelter your children they learn nothing they live in a world of rainbows and butterflies and when faced with bullying, drugs, alcohol or sex they just do it. My children do beleive their world is filled with rainbows and butterflies :) however they are aware of what goes on around them as well...
So that is why most people do not agree with me lol I don't shelter my kids and wrap them in bubble wrap as much as I want to. As much as it hurts my kids are not on my hips shying away from life. But I think I did a pretty good darn job and made the right choice :) well we will see how the little one turns out in 5 years LOL
I hope that helps a little on your journey with your little man! such a blessing to have the little ones in our life :)

Melanie said...

Congratulations to your little man as well as to you. You should be patting yourself on the back, as well as him. Kindness, especially when it isn't the popular thing, is sometimes hard. This is truly a "crowning moment" for you both. Thank you so much for sharing at my hop!

Denise McD said...

Melanie thank you so much :) He truly is an amazing little man...
Very handsome too if I do say so myself ;)

allison tait said...

What a fantastic award to win! The best kind of award.

Christina said...

Awesome guy! From your newsest follower blog hoppin; check me out at

SouthernCouponer said...

Following you from Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop.
Great Site!

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